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The Consciousness of Science

By Karmayogi

For 17 long years, Nehru was sorry that Indian poverty could not be removed. For another 17 years, Indira Gandhi had the same grievance. Most of us who belonged to the generation of freedom fighters consoled ourselves saying that an army that Freedom Movement enjoyed was not equipped to develop the nation. Still, Nehru was the only political leader who had the ultimate insight into development: to development a nation, the consciousness of her people must be developed. The constitution of India abolished untouchability, made reservation one of its articles, offered universal compulsory education. Those were the REAL foundations of development. Nehru's idealism knew what he had not accomplished, rather than what had been already done, the true hallmark of Idealism.

For several centuries, Science has been discovering the laws of Nature. Its concentration has been mainly on technology. Technology makes a small energy do a great work, which means the scientist makes the energy expand. In other words, the scientist makes energy CONSCIOUS because that which is not conscious cannot expand by itself. Yet, it is the scientist who is the leader of Modern Materialism. It is in the nature of things. A relentless propaganda for nearly half a century in the cause of atheism has directly resulted in theism growing out of all proportions. All the temples are overflowing with devotees. The word 'science' means knowledge. Knowledge directly issues out of consciousness. There is no backward movement in existence. Whichever way knowledge moves, it moves towards consciousness. If you are a consummate scholar in Indian scriptures such as the Vedas or the Upanishads, and presently you are a practising scientist at the frontiers of knowledge, you will see the parallel between them at all points. A group of physicists in Bombay some time ago told an editor of a daily in Kerala that any breakthrough in their field of science would come from Indians. I congratulate them on their insight. Here one has to take both ends and bring them together. It is a work of the highest dimension of knowledge. Ramanujam said zero is God, manifestation is Infinity. Indian mathematicians can fully discover Ramanujam and the world will be grateful to them for such a discovery. When conquests at these levels await the Indian intelligentsia, the work of making the nation prosperous is no great challenge for them.
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