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Total Positivity

By Karmayogi

One can reduce his negative side, but cannot eliminate it. Sri Aurobindo's theme is there is nothing negative or undivine. Only to the view of Ego, everything other than itself is Negative. It is a new philosophy, not easy to comprehend, but enjoyable when you accept it, crossing comprehension. Finding no evil in life is to find heaven on earth. Sri Aurobindo never postulated a hell. Mother says if there is a hell, God is there even in hell. She could not pardon those who had invented the idea of hell. It is said that even in the church at the level of the Cardinals, it is known that no hell exists, and the idea of its existence is only for public consumption.

I came across the product known as EM, Effective Microorganism, and wrote about its principle some months ego. This is now manufactured in Maharashtra and in Auroville. It is the invention of a Japanese agriculture scientist. EM has come up with a line of products suitable to health, agriculture, kitchen, etc. Some 12,000 Dutch farmers are using it presently. The Dutch are not easily persuaded to follow anything new, especially the Dutch farmer. It is a natural product which gradually changes the body to Total Positivity. It is a food item and not a medicine. I was given 10 ml of it to drink. The next morning I woke up 1 hours earlier and found myself fresh. Even the second dose had the same effect. I am told it has to be taken forever and its effect lasts as long as we take it. The friend who brought two bottles of EM had backache for over a decade. He started it a few months ago. Now his back is normal. All that we hear about it makes it appear a miracle drug, especially when its reach is all embracing. If all its claims are proved to be true, we certainly can feel Total Positivity is possible.

If applied to land for three or four years, weeds are eliminated. The soil by the effect of the microbiological activity becomes porous. That eliminates the need for ploughing forever. Natural health is given to the soil. EM has a version for cleaning the floor. It destroys the food for ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, etc. Floors washed with EM are ant free. That the world should come by a product at the very physical level which turns life positive is spiritually heartening. When you do not take notice of the defects of others, they gradually turn fully positive to you. This is a truism of life. In teaching, progressive methods do not admit that there are dull pupils. Only that we have not yet learned how to handle them. EM is the spiritual equivalent at the PHYSICAL level. The ways of the Spirit in mind, vital and body carefully collected and followed make one entirely positive. Its philosophical base is all in each and each in all - a true spiritual equality.
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