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By Karmayogi

Vaccination saved the world from smallpox. The man who discovered a vaccine for polio was awarded the Nobel Prize. Plague killed a third of the population in England. Plague too met its death at the hands of modern medicine. Today most of the fell diseases of the world are extinct or nearly so. Even in poverty stricken India, similar measures have raised longevity from below 40 to above 60 years. This is a cardinal service. When people speak against memorisation as a method of teaching, we are told all the stalwarts in the arena of world politics, especially Indian politics are the products of a system of which memorisation is an essential part. It is true that memory is a great desirable power with astonishing results that astound us.

But as a tool of teaching, it is more a bar than a help. Vaccination introduces the disease into the system and thus creates immunity. Therefore, Mother does not approve of it. Those who live by Spirit rise above the need for a defence system in the blood. Their consciousness rises to a level where no disease can attack them. They are naturally immune to any disease. No immunity is called for, for them. Immunity is needed by those who are vulnerable to attack of diseases. To introduce a disease into such a healthy physical system is undesirable. That will weaken their natural resistance. Immunisation is not for people who frequently invoke the Spirit.

There is a fence around a vegetable garden or a flower garden to protect it from stray cattle or trespassers. Over the centuries, villages have developed a tradition of discipline in the matter of cultivation. As soon as planting commences, all people in the village will see that no cattle are set free. This is a collective discipline which everyone honours. We see hundreds of acres of paddy stretching all over, but is there a fence around? Collective discipline is culture. When culture prevails, no fence is needed anywhere.

There are several houses where not even the servant is capable of theft or pilfering. No almirah or trunk will be under lock and key there. Everything will be safe because of a SAFE atmosphere. To introduce safety measures in such a house is not wise, though as a system, keeping valuables under lock and key is welcome. That may be essential for official work. A family is a place of personal relationships that are cherished as sacred. Its strength is natural and inherent. Health is such a sacred trust which for those who live by the spirit is not to be weakened by immunisation.
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