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Good Will

Thursday August 26 2004 09:48 IST

By Karmayogi

When you meet people of good will, there is a pleasing sensation in the nerves. Leaving them behind, you go to do some work. The work turns out to be smoother than you expected. One of the reasons for that outcome is the good will of the person you met with on the way. Sometimes we hear, ‘‘Each time I meet your brother, I see luck around the corner. What is it with him?'' Surely people who carry good will help you accomplish the work on hand. Of course, it is the true good will you have for him that activated his good will for you to be effective in your work. When you have only GOOD WILL towards anyone, whatever good will they have gets activated and results in good. To have such good will, which mind is incapable of, it is better to try to shift to the Spirit as often as possible, especially when you meet with someone.

There was a textile merchant in a village who had acquired a reputation that whoever saw him in the morning would surely receive a flesh wound that day. Unfortunately for the trader, it was true in the experience of the villagers. People would enter any house if news got around that he was on the road, just to escape seeing him. Can we have good will for him? When you go out, especially for important work, you do not want to meet people of such reputation. Such people run across you especially when you are having some negative thoughts in your mind. Active thoughts that are positive in the mind are less likely to bring such people your way. These things are of significance only as long as you believe in them. Should you shift from mind to Spirit, no such person will be encountered. You will be a bringer of luck to others.

Invoking the Spirit, you will escape such characters if there are any in your vicinity. Such people will suddenly take another route. If you are positive and centred in the Spirit, even if you pass him, your work will not be spoiled by him, should you be in the Spirit. You will see the phenomenon of an evil sight doing good, reversing its native character. His character may assert to leave a small dent on your work, but refusal to believe in the power of the evil eye is more powerful than the evil eye. Your work will be fulfilled at a higher level than expected. The point is NOT whom we meet, what his rasi is, but what we are inside, how GOOD we are innately, and how we feel towards the other in spite of his rasi. We are the determinant, not anyone else. We are the Spirit inside and that Spirit determines the work.
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