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Editorial of ‘Consecration'

Friday August 27 2004 10:34 IST

By Karmayogi

The editor of ‘Consecration', a journal from Thrissur, is publishing an editorial in the next issue about the spiritual values of India. Quoting several sources and several authors he pleads for the corporate sector to turn to our ancient values of the Spirit as explained in our scriptures. His ideal is laudable, great, and what Indian needs just now.

It is one thing to possess great values; it is another thing to enjoy their benefits. There was a time when RBI harassed small men for a paltry $12 as foreign exchange was scarce. Now foreign exchange has collected in a great measure. India needs development. At one time, anyone would ask, ‘‘It is all right that we need development, but where is the money to come from?'' Now the bank deposits have crossed the all time high. These two are the least of our resources. Do we know how to use them? Or, have we considered whether this could be drawn upon or not?

Spirit is too lofty, and money is down to earth. In between are hundreds of levels of resources that can make India rich, prosperous, happy and a leader among nations. To know how to use a resource is resourcefulness. Sri Aurobindo wrote in 1916 about the possibility of the European nations forming a federation. After fifty years, it is taking economic and political shape. The aim of the magazine ‘Consecration' is to initiate the Indian population into the values of the Spirit. It needs to be done in two ways: 1) the enlightened elite of India should offer ideas, schemes, systems, and values that can express the Spirit, and 2) the population from their own daily experience can convey to the magazine ideas that can gain popularity.

Ten years ago, one such scheme was given to the government to generate 100 million jobs. I have often spoken about the great value of insurance. Without expecting the government to do anything, people from their own level can approach insurance companies for schemes they need. Career Development Foundation of India in Madras has been suggesting that the JOB OPPORTUNITY for bright boys for one year be insured. It is a great beginning. Surely it could lead us to a better life.

The basic ideas are to be formulated from above. The practical requirements must be spoken from below. A magazine such as ‘Consecration' can be the field where these two meet. When Sharad Pawar was the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, we spoke to him about one such idea on housing and showed how MONEY was not an obstacle. The government can act. Or companies can initiate. People can join together to act. Magazines can rise to the occasion and prove they are truly power-packed magazines.
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