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Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Friday September 3 2004 07:57 IST

By Karmayogi

On the 59th anniversary of the dropping of the atom bomb, the Mayor of Hiroshima spoke about the danger of encouraging the development of smaller nuclear weapons. Historians studying the events of the twentieth century more than confirm the misgivings expressed before World War II or at the time of the Versailles Treaty.

Even if Germany was the culprit in WWI, exacting reparations of undue proportion would lead to vengeful emotions in Germany which were expressed after the first war. Now they are confirmed in more than one way. Another opinion is that even the First World War could have been avoided. War is Evil. It is not inevitable, if humankind is mature.

Now that the wars are over and humanity is lucky enough or maybe wise enough to avoid the Third World War, the approaching 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Japan is an opportunity to think of the future.

War is evil. The atom bomb is a greater evil. The greater evil helped to end the rule of the lesser evil. The stockpile of nuclear bombs threatening the world is the greatest of evils. Disarmament is proceeding at the level of positive decisions, decisions not to use the weapons. The existing bombs must be dismantled.

Also, there are other weapons equally dangerous, such as chemical or biological weapons. It is a great thing to destroy one form of evil. Still, it can sprout as another form of Evil. Will evil disappear after humankind ceases to produce these lethal weapons? Evil lies in the human heart, at its very bottom. Evil is in Nature as the tiger's ferocity and the destruction of an earthquake. Before trying to abolish evil from Nature or human nature, one needs to understand what evil is.

Religions or philosophies have not been hopeful of abolishing the fundamental evil. They advised mankind to avoid evil. Sri Aurobindo says there is no evil in creation and there is evil only to the experience of the ego. When man abolishes his ego, there will be no evil in his view or his experience. Leaders of thought in religion, philosophy, and science should address this issue in the light of the rich experiences of the twentieth century.

Whatever the outcome of such a consideration, the very analysis by applying the best minds to this issue will be beneficial. Sri Aurobindo speaks from His spiritual experience in Alipore Jail. His vision of Narayana had no negative side of evil. Bharat Mata beckons her children to realise this TRUTH.
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