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The Efficacy of Planning

Tuesday September 14 2004 08:21 IST

By Karmayogi

Planning is the mind conceiving of work activities in sequence and in relation to one another. From its beginning, such planning was reduced to writing. Writing a plan down on paper is to give the mental thought a graphic shape on paper. It gives the thought life.

In the language of Tantra, such writing down is known as yantra, an engine. By the very fact of its being written down, it has the power to fulfil itself. Engineers who preside over an enormous project, as the cutting of the Suez Canal, generally achieve the goals of their planning.

One item getting changed will change accordingly all the related items. The plan must be modified. Now, the computer instantaneously effects such changes.

There are more efficient plan conceptions. They admit the changes in individual items, but do not allow the goal to be altered. Within the physical scope, there are unused opportunities which they draw upon to neutralise the delay or loss in one item.

The physical plane too, being infinite, permits such upgrading of efficiency. A dynamic individual who completes a project efficiently to everyone's astonishment in seven years will see his project completed in seven months, if he resorts to such planning. Mainly this is achieved by organisation that is coordination.

When time is so abridged, money accomplishes more - here 12 times - per rupee. What can be done in Rs. 7 crores can be done in Rs. 1 crore. This efficiency is known to the world. All high achievers, especially corporations, military operations, etc. employ this.

Barring exceptions, they are successful. Individuals, especially in India, do not resort to planning, as they are unaware of it. When one employs such planning, he can witness that this mental attitude raises his Prosperity 10 or 20 times.

Even such planning fails in extreme conditions when Nature or society turns hostile. The same planning can take into its scheme certain values such as the other man's point of view, self-giving, and patience, instead of one's own opinion, selfishness, and hurry.

In that case, the same planning can achieve in spite of unforeseen catastrophes. On Monday's software is capable of integrating these spiritual values. Then it becomes a software of unfailing success. It will be the software of luck.

Any eminent software engineer of India who believes in spiritual values can produce it. If he does, he will be giving a spiritual tool to the public for converting a life of alternating success and failure into one of unfailing success. That is to enter into the domain of the spirit.
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