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Emulating Faith

Saturday September 18 2004 07:58 IST

By Karmayogi

The Mother says that one cannot pretend to have the Supramental consciousness as one can practise deceit in other fields. Even Silence can be pretended, not the Supramental Consciousness.

We hear that one man's faith has cured his cancer, another man's faith has dissolved his stone in the gall bladder. Occasionally, one's faith can inspire faith in another. It is great. There are two parts in such solutions.

One is the Force that grants, the other is the faith of the person who prays. People capable of intense faith having failed to evoke a response from a deity, shift to another seeing that deity is more powerful.

It works. It does not work for people whose faith is feeble. Faith is the knowledge of the soul reflected in the Mind. A greater Force grants the prayer of those whose faith is not strong, but there is a limit.

Where his guru failed, Sri Ramanuja succeeded in curing a possessed girl. The mantra remaining the same, the results differ according to the personality who chants. One whose faith is weak can use such an information – someone dissolved his stone – to strengthen his faith.

He can let himself be inspired by this news. Such an attitude will evoke a fuller response even if the faith of the human vessel is not up to the mark. Faith is the fourth stage of human action, the first being the normal human energy – shakti.

Often we take a greater interest in a work, put all our passionate energy into it. In such a case, our whole energy of the temperament goes into it. We call him dynamic. Philosophy rates it as the second level of energy - viryam. The first is the ordinary human energy. The second is the higher human energy.

Man shifts himself from the human centre to the divine centre in him. Then his energy becomes divine energy – deivaprakriti. People like Nehru and Gandhiji exhibited such divine energy in their patriotic service. To them, Bharat Mata was the Divine. That is a third level of human functioning.

So far, man took the initiative. Hereafter man allows the Divine to take initiative in him. Beyond this, Man acquires the Jnana that it is not he who acts but it is Nature that acts in him, acts through him.

He allows things to happen on their own accord, ie he withdraws the egoistic insistence and initiative of the ego. What acts then is his FAITH. That faith cures, unfailingly.

The cancer is cured overnight, stone dissolves. The scan that showed the stone five days earlier, discloses that there is no stone. The doctor who called the patient mad before the scan issues the discharge notice.
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