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The Future of the Blacks

Wednesday September 22 2004 09:12 IST

By Karmayogi

Phraseology changes with time. Backward nations have become underdeveloped nations. Later they are upgraded into developing countries or the Third World. So, Blacks have come to stay.

After the war, the newly emancipated nations have shed their colonial versions and acquired names appropriate to their new status. Many towns have found the charm of going back to an earlier name. It is a great good symptom of coming into one's own. It is an indication that these nations do aspire to reach a greatness due to them. History has its lessons for us.

It has its cycles when different nations presided over the destiny of the world. The Blacks in the USA are a significant community. They have excelled in sports and athletics. Otherwise, they seem to be a contented lot.

I have a different view of them. I feel the future belongs to them. My view or claim may appear to be a high sounding NOTHING, devoid of sense. I believe in my view as it is based on a historical understanding or an evolutionary perspective. Until the First World War, America was a contemptuous word. Before the Second World War, the continental people lost their contempt and replaced it with ridicule. No longer does the word American excite any ridicule in any nation of the world including England, though it is nowhere received with respect.

American military prowess is unrivalled. Its political eminence is seen all over the world. Her economic power dominates more than half the world. She is becoming a cultural leader of every nation. Her food items, dress style, and way of life are welcome all over. One may question their desirability or not. But this remains a fact. She has reached this position because once she was a neglected continent, if not oppressed.

The oppressed of yesterday will be the adored of tomorrow, is a rule history has honoured. The sober among the Blacks have a poise, a calm, a goodwill that is admirable. Those who have distinguished themselves in any field exhibit these great qualities without exception. It may be true that so far no Black or Jew or woman has been nominated to contest the Presidency of the USA. They are slow in coming into their own. When they do so, they will be there solidly for a long time, as tiny Britain ruled over the world or tinier Greece had offered intellectual leadership to the entire West for two millennia.

It is happening in India with the support of the government. The society has not yet taken the role of offering support to its erstwhile oppressed. They will all have brittle results that are feeble. When the oppressed, whether they are Blacks of the USA or the downtrodden of India, come into their own by their choice, they will rule with distinction.
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