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Thursday September 23 2004 08:05 IST

By Karmayogi

Revolutions have changed the face of nations beyond recognition. Revolutions belong to the realm of politics. They arise even in the field of religion.

Technology too is capable of bringing about revolutions. Revolutions are periods of transition. Such periods offer the lowest member of the society the chance to rise to the highest status.

The American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the Reformation, the technological revolutions brought about by steam, electricity, science in general and, now, the computer have opened up such apertures of PROSPERITY.

As a result, those who were at the bottom of the society have started moving up and some have reached the peak to stay there forever.

Universal literacy created such a stir in Japan and in many European countries. It played that role in great intensity in the USA. Every Indian who was some part of the Freedom Struggle longed for India to be prosperous. It was a dull, dumb wish, but a potent one.

They never knew how to do it, but their patriotism burned in agony to achieve that goal. The Green Revolution brought some substantial prosperity to the rural side and relieved them from chronic unemployment or underemployment.

Now, this is the era of computer, or we may style it, the Saga of Computer. It has already brought about something like a revolution or more than that in communication and bank transactions particularly. This is a small beginning. What the computer can do to society is immeasurable.

To the vast unemployed educated youth, it offers immediate income. A resourceful auditor who spends a good deal of time on the computer has thought out several hundred ways by which such youth can earn about Rs. 20,000 a month rising to Rs. 100,000.

In a book entitled, Honey, Let us Make Money, he has written more than two hundred ways in which housewives can earn Rs. 2000 or more during their spare hours.

In this book, I see what I know to be the native Indian spiritual RESOURCEFULNESS, an idea I am enamoured of. India is a land of the Spirit. The Spirit is infinite. When the infinite Spirit emerges out of the finite human life, life reveals how resourceful it is.

Modern civilisation is a monument to that resourcefulness. It is the resourcefulness of the Mind. We in India enjoy in potential spiritual resourcefulness. We must bring it out. The author has done so in this book.
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