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Friday September 24 2004 08:38 IST

By Karmayogi

If one can go to a source several times, it becomes a resource. One can do so for the same purpose or different purposes. That source which lends itself to be of use again and again for different purposes is considered a multiple resource. Minds that are so, are described as prolific.

Sand is one such resource when apart from being a raw material for house building and glass making, it lends itself to be used for making chips. Electricity was found useful for hundreds and thousands of purposes. Coal proved to be so earlier. When we look at these phenomena closely, we may feel that it is our MINDS that make raw materials resourceful. Philosophically, it is Mind that created Matter. Mind is far more resourceful than matter or material objects.

Spirit is the origin of the Mind. Logically, it must be more resourceful than mind. In India, the spiritual light is carried in the bodies of the population. This idea set me thinking about the Spiritual Resourcefulness of Indians, though it is dormant and in potential. If there is any truth in my assumption or expectation, there must be some evidence of it somewhere. To convince myself of any reality in this view, some of us looked at the principles of literary criticism.

There are several unresolved questions. We applied to some of them the Indian view or what I assumed to be of the Indian view. Why Hamlet delayed killing his uncle was one such question. We showed our findings to an authority on the subject. He found it reasonable. We mailed out views to several such authorities abroad and several replied, endorsing our view and encouraging us to send further work to them. We then tried it with the Theory of Management which also received an encouragement. This time it was a greater encouragement.

The knowledge that we used here is there in any village elder. Only that he does not know he has that knowledge. Absence of English knowledge and academic presentation confines him to the garbage heap of the village. Even those people may laugh at my view of their endowment. It will gain any credibility only when foreigners recognise it. That is the real asset of India, but it has to emerge in the garb of modern life, not in the shape of rural superstition. To this wisdom belongs the power to solve any existing problem anywhere on earth. It will be a great day when Indians realise their own strength and are willing to bring it to the surface through the present ways of life. Maybe that will be a sleeping GIANT stirring.
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