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The Inner Voice

Thursday October 7 2004 08:01 IST

By Karmayogi

The inner voice is also known as asariri, vani. It is that inner voice which brought Sri Aurobindo to Pondicherry. Mahatma Gandhiji relied on the inner voice which is the reason stalwart leaders submitted to him.

The inner voice in a man rises when he accepts what comes to him and ceases to desire for anything. In that sense, we can say the penultimate step to inner voice is NOT to seek for anything, not even moksha or God. Not to ask for anything is not to rely on men or circumstances.

One comes to a status when his own inner Spirit moves the outer events and it is then he ceases to ask. In fact, such a condition arises when one ceases to ask for his needs, primary or essential. The rule of life is the same for the sannyasi as well as the householder, in that it is a law of Life that exceeds the existence of the earth.

We mortals, to whom a degree, a job, a marriage, a career are the ultimate, are moved far and away from such high goals. Though it is true, the other side of it is, the Law that applies to the highest equally applies to the lowest at his own level of existence.

A tapasvi may ardently seek moksha and arrive at it by an arduous intense tapasya. Another tapasvi may shift from the outer effort of tapas, to the inner effort of tapas and may realise moksha sooner. 'For me, a humble man, my son's education is equal to moksha. For my first son, I moved heaven and earth and finally, at great expense, I got a seat in a professional college.

Now, for my second son if I can get the same result by not running around, I would like to employ this yogic method,' may be the thought of someone. If so, will it work? Is it right to use yogic force for mundane affairs? Will it not end in my doing tapasya and renouncing my family and my son's admission? is a legitimate thought that rises.

The right or wrong does not lie in the ACT, it dwells in one's attitude. Your son has worked hard, scored high, but in the educational atmosphere, it is not merit that counts. Instead of resorting to dubious methods, there is nothing wrong in resorting to a higher inner method that properly belongs to yoga to achieve a domestic goal.

Rather, it is the right thing to do which takes you closer to God, through fulfilling your present needs which are apparently mundane. It is so because the mundane is, for a higher view, divine. The one essential condition is TRUTH in acts as well as thoughts.

It is stated simply, but it is not so simple to implement it. Then the inner voice will unequivocally tell you that you will get it and need make no move. If that voice does not rise, the admission will move towards you unasked and unsolicited. TRUTH accomplishes, TRUTH alone accomplishes.
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