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Intuition and Grace

Saturday October 9 2004 08:14 IST

By Karmayogi

We know of intelligence and are happy if we are possessed of it. In a wide world of ignorance, intelligence is of value, of great personal and social value.

A bright child becomes a favourite of all because of his brilliance. Insight is rare. At times of election or any crisis, we see people of insight emerging into prominence. Not all insights are taken up for action, but when they are so taken, their end value is apparent and the owner is respected for his insight.

Judges often express keen insight into the motives of parties and surprise the lawyers on either side by their relentless pursuit of truth, in spite of the argumentative intelligence of either side. Intuition is really considered to be divine, as we know he who possesses it in one subject becomes a genius.

In the forties, a boy found his legs swelling and the college doctor diagnosed it to be filariasis. For some inexplicable reason, the boy preferred the doctor in his rural town. That doctor prescribed an ayurvedic medicine available as injectible serum.

He came back to the college and desired the college doctor to give him the injections. The doctor had a hearty laugh, but obliged him. When the course was over, the swelling came down, and the filarial fever at night stopped. Now the same doctor requested the boy for the address of that medicine. He no longer laughed.

It was the intuition of the body the boy followed. Intuition is the human insight rising from below to ripen into a ray of the divine intuition. Grace is the divine action coming from above and acting in our life when we are not insisting on our human folly.

One who is drowning is saved by a bystander, a pure act of Grace. We do not know that Grace is ever-present on earth and is acting non-stop whenever we do not INSIST on our human intellect, our capacities or our understanding. If intuition is a seven digit number in our transactions, Grace is a number with numberless digits.

By being open to this FORCE, one eternally qualifies to receive Grace at will. With an attitude of inner sincerity and outer truthfulness, one is open to receive the Force. In such a man's life, problems and crises do not arise, as they dissolve in his atmosphere.

If, for any reason they arise, his invocation of the Force is readily answered. It is not as if MAN is submerged in poverty, misery or sorrow, but I prefer to lay down that MAN is unaware of the social riches and spiritual opulence that overwhelm him.
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