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Good Emerges Out of Evil

Thursday October 14 2004 08:11 IST

By Karmayogi

Common sense is understood as rationality. It expects good results for good acts, evil results for evil acts. Very often this is correct. Sometimes it goes wrong.

One who was unemployed for ten years after his MA took his uncle's son under his care when the uncle died. Along with the son came his mother. Soon he found a teaching job in a university where he admitted his cousin in B.Sc.

That university started an engineering college that year, the second engineering college in the then Madras State. The boy passed, took an employment. He was well married by his patronising elder cousin and had two children. On his way to a temple, a lorry knocked his jutka over and he died on the spot along with one child.

Everyone who knew the goodness, generosity and sacrifice of the cousin was in despair at this evil of life. Why should Evil emerge out of so much Good, a good that is selfless and of pristine purity?

An elderly man cultivated a young entrant in his institution as a good friend who was completely taken in by the elderly crook. He was evil incarnate, nourished jealousy and acted with motiveless malignity, all the time enjoying the full confidence of his young, nae victim.

The crook was an adept in exploiting every circumstance to his advantage. His pleasant exterior was a fašade. Everyone was taken in. All his attempts to injure his young victim for six long years of relentless tale-bearing and consummate conspiracy bore no fruit. An excellent opportunity came his way and it was adroitly exploited with dextrous skill.

The youngster was a complete victim and suffered an irreparable loss by this heinous crime. About a year later, the crook received a rare lift in life, a reward that was inconceivable. Why does life act this way? We have several personalities lying in layers inside us. The social personality acts according to circumstances. Here the reward is for your social standing, not for your capacity. Deeper than that is the personality of psychology.

Life rewards here for your motive, disregarding capacity. Deepest is the Spiritual Personality which seeks spiritual experience. There, only GOOD exists. It is above life. Ability to invoke our inner Spiritual Personality overcomes our social circumstances, our motives and even our capacities.

Here rewards arise according to what you are inwardly, not what you do. A mother tried to right her wrong to her son because of her negative attitude to the daughter-in-law and took a rare step genuinely. The result was the son was hurt in his job. It means, below the true emotions of repentance of the mother, there lived the mother-in-law, the human Evil. Mother asks for a sincerity at this deepest level.
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