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Friday October 15 2004 08:22 IST

By Karmayogi

We make decisions all the time, small and significant. Decisions lead to results. Right decisions bring right results that are vast. The rightness of a decision has several grades. The minimum right ensures the first result. The maximum rightness makes the final result eminently possible.

One who seeks a bride has the least result of a successful wedding. The maximum good result is a happy married life for the rest of his life. We call marriage the crop of a thousand years. In joining a college, the minimum positive result is to secure the admission. The rightness of one's decision can enable him to pass the degree creditably. Its maximum rightness can insure a successful career and the rise to national eminence or further to world fame. What does a decision consist of?

Any decision has its external requirements as well as inner psychological conditions. If all the external requirements are present positively along with the right fulfillment of inner conditions, it leads at once to the first necessary result, such as securing an admission.

External requirements in an admission are eligible scores, fees, health, necessary certificates, punctual appearance at the interview, hostel fees, social skills to live in a hostel, possession of books, writing materials, etc.

Inner conditions are eagerness to read, consent of the family for your education, tradition of the family in education, the goal you seek - the degree or the subject or higher still, pure knowledge personal values such as reliability, honesty, integrity in the educational life. All these factors admit of constant improvement. The higher the endowments are - requirements and conditions - the greater the end result. In human life, a greater result demands a longer time.

A man in Spirit has a different rule: the higher the result, the quicker it comes. Also, it is more perfect in the measure it is higher. This is the fundamental wonder of the Spirit flowering in life. Even in our human life, rarely do we see such expressions. We call it meteoric rise. The human mind reached its acme in Socrates more than 2000 years ago. For that to develop as scientific inquiry in Europe it took 1500 or 2000 years.

In the next stage, the scientific inquiry matured into practically usable scientific technology in the USA. This was done in two or three hundred years. Technology is more meaningful for us than the abstract inquiry into the origin of things, which is Science.

A nation such as ours can overcome poverty in a short time by perfecting its tool of Decision-making. An individual can unfailingly succeed in all that he does by making his decisions right inside and outside. Or, if he chooses, he can RISE in life endlessly, which means he contributes to the national welfare.
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