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Know Thyself, Know Your Strengths

By Karmayogi

The one thing man cannot know is that he is at fault, that the error is not of anyone else, but only his. What is hilariously strange is, it will be blatant to every other person. The accusing finger arises from all sides of the society, but the only thing the accused knows is hostility, jealousy and that he is the victim of mean, perverse, low culture.

Introspection, self-criticism, self-awareness have thus become more and more important socially. The Bible speaks of this and any culture has a few proverbs on these values. What makes man so blind? The urge to put down the other person is greater than the aspiration to rise, as the former is easier. So he is alert in finding every defect of others, little knowing they are his own, or rather the reflection of his own.

There was a very popular man teaching in a school, popular with his students and teachers. He was the conscience keeper of his colleagues. He was a graduate in history with mathematics in his pre-degree course. So, in his teacher's training he was trained for mathematics, which disqualified him as a permanent teacher in either subject.

Unusual circumstances combined and he landed in MA English Literature. He became very popular due to the fact that he had the uncanny faculty of knowing the other man's sensation, which is a rare endowment in a student of literature. He was unaware of it and resented the fact when it was pointed out, due to a suspicion that he was being ridiculed. Soon his capacity was acknowledged by his classmates as well as teachers, which made him a miniature celebrity in the university. No longer did he need to return to the high school for teaching. Early in his career his services were sought after by another university from where he left for USA to do Ph.D.

What this man possessed was sense mind, which is below the Mind. In knowing that one is Spirit, not Mind, one knows the highest in oneself. A further stage is to know one's evolving soul, the Psychic Being, to which this column pleads for attention.

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