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The Brilliant Future

Tuesday October 19 2004 09:11 IST

By Karmayogi

In the early thirties, there was severe unemployment, which included three MAs who were the only postgraduates in this whole district then. Suppose someone at that time had the vision of hundreds of MAs or thousands of them, it would have been empty prophecy.

Today in each remote village, the statistics say that there are five or ten holders of the MA degree. In this district, the MAs are more than 20,000. I have often quoted the US figure of PhDs in 1880 being ONE, and in 1980 a figure far over 30,000.

The late nineteenth century looked up to a PhD as a veritable genius. Such vast expansion often takes place in the ownership of a car or TV. In the matter of human development, especially the genius as a poet or a mathematician, the heart sinks to think of a similar expansive development.

Technological development makes priceless gadgets come down to the level of the common man's purse. Evolution of monarchy into democracy raises a haberdasher to the Presidency of the USA or a labour leader to be the Rashtrapathi of India. Losing its original awe, Mind comes to terms with such miraculous developments. Still, it has its powerful reservations regarding things it is not familiar with.

A King idea, a Master act, a Prayer can make miracles commonplace is a line in Sri Aurobindo's epic poem Savitri. Not only Avatars have such a vision, but serious intellectuals often have a peep into the future. But the disbelieving multitude labels them with unflattering names.

When the Force comes down it will make man immortal - a Supramental Being. And one can witness the human mind raised to the level of the genius and gods. Charles Fourier (1772-1837) a businessman from Lyon, predicted that the future world would be one of Perfect Harmony, the sea, no longer salty, would turn into lemonade, the world would contain 37 million poets equal to Homer, 37 million mathematicians equal to Newton, 37 million dramatists equal to Moliere.

The advent of the Spirit in life makes what is rare today widespread tomorrow. Could India have conceded the possibility of Harijan Central Ministers, a President in the period before the war? Today it is a reality. The Future is Bright and Brilliant in every sense of the word, in every segment of life. If such a future for the nation is far off, for individuals who adhere to utter TRUTH, it can be sooner, here and now, because, He says, this is the HOUR of GOD.
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