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What Makes an Idea Powerful

Thursday October 28 2004 08:03 IST

By Karmayogi

A famous French writer said that an Idea whose TIME has come is irresistible. The French Revolution was thought to be such an Idea when the time for liberty came.

The whole of Europe briefly came under the domination of France and all the nations welcomed the Code of Napoleon as an article of faith. Up to now, the Code of Napoleon has ruled all of Europe and beyond.

Such an idea is called an evolutionary Idea. Nature functions in Time and her movements wait for the right time. The Force I speak of is not functioning in Nature or through Nature. It functions through the soul of Nature. The Soul of Nature does not wait for Time.

It chooses its own Time. And such a period is called the HOUR of GOD. It is an hour when what requires a thousand years gets done quickly.

During such moments, events occur one after the other on their own. What is started as a flat, usual, local affair, grows to national stature and initiates a national debate. Men who initiated a glorious movement fall on the wayside, events that were harbingers of a great dawn are forgotten, but the central vibration forges ahead.

It does not matter that corruption is prevalent, it does not also matter that there is stark poverty as long as the central MOVE is truthful. The Indian public life has a touch of that flame. The French writer said that TIME makes the Idea powerful. Sri Aurobindo says the inner truth of MAN who aspires makes that Time come.

And that Time is NOW. Individuals moving into the evolutionary movement make the nation enter that HOUR. They would never fail, as it is an unfailing Force. Should their service to the nation fail, it will succeed in their individual lives.

Maybe in your own life there was such a period when everyone was supportive, every event contributed to your success at a level you have not contemplated. Such meteoric rise is witnessed in politics.

In business, the market opens up like that. One who was working as an assistant to an officer came under such an aura. In three or four years, he has become a VIP in his line of business.

People in the trade started mentioning his name as the No. 1 man in his field. Where he sought a dealership, partnership in a company was offered. Where he went to a state government for some clearance, the government offered him extensive land, power in concession and requested him not to go elsewhere.

Very big companies bought half their requirements from him. More than one company gave him such an offer. Life took hold of him and thrust luck on him.
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