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Decision and Determination

Tuesday November 16 2004 11:38 IST

By Karmayogi

Work becomes more effective when the consent to it becomes a decision. Our knowing all about a work is knowledge. Our will, the executor in us, knowing all about a work is decision. Decision is the knowledge of the will. Passion that develops about a decision converts a decision into determination.

A determination matures into a commitment when the whole being endorses it. Mind has knowledge and will. Will executes what knowledge knows. Data, information, idea, knowledge is a series, as are will, decision, determination and commitment.

Data are unrelated facts accumulated. Information is organised data so that it can be readily used. The essence of various information is idea. An idea becomes knowledge when it becomes practically usable.

The extent of accomplishment depends on the level of knowledge one has and the seriousness of its determination. This is the reason for our witnessing various people getting results of varying degrees while all of them are doing the same work.

Work is the same; attitude is different. Our devotees know that flowers are powerful in bringing us the desired results. Especially devotees know of two flowers, 1) protection (Bougainvillea) and 2) harmony (Coral Vine).

Quarrelsome families become QUIET when harmony flowers are brought in. It is well known that protection flowers kept with us bring protection in any impossible condition. To get the full benefit of the flowers we offer to the Mother, we must resort to securing the full knowledge of the flowers and the full knowledge of the issue for which we seek protection or harmony.

Rain responds to the flower 'water' (Porana). It also responds to Grace (Cotton Rose Hibiscus), as rain is the material expression of God's Grace. The best method of attracting God's Grace is to develop higher consciousness. Good will is one important strand of the higher consciousness.

Therefore, good will attracts grace and consequently rain. Beyond knowledge lies decision and determination. Grace flowers offered to the Mother bringing rain are a common experience. Someone pointed out the relationship between the last Grace plant dying and the drought in a certain year. Grace flowers being brought is different from Grace flowers brought with a decision behind it.

Decision backing the act converts rainfall that falls short of the mark into excess rainfall. Twenty inches of rain in May is unusual. The department of meteorology classifies rainfall of more than two inches as heavy rainfall. Grace brought with decision and determination on various occasions has yielded rainfall in 24 hours of four inches, eight inches and on one occasion even 11 inches.
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