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Eminence of a Nation

Friday November 19 2004 08:43 IST

By Karmayogi

Motilal Nehru had his clothes made in London by the King's tailor Poole. Some zamindars sent their pregnant wives to England so that the newborn children would be British citizens.

Because Britain ruled India, the Indians revered the British capital. Britain ruled not only India, but a good part of the world. Britain, France, Spain, and the Netherlands were imperial countries by their military might. That was the reason for their eminence in the early part of this century.

Such an eminence today is most enjoyed by America in all walks of her life. It will be interesting to us to know how she arrived there. Writers and thinkers say America attained that status by her capacity to produce.

Production is economic strength. Economic might gradually spills over into other areas and makes a country militarily strong, politically important. America was NOT aiming at hegemony or superiority in any field in the 19th century. She was producing all she needed aiming at self-sufficiency and that resulted in her becoming a world leader today.

Not to aim at any external goal, but to concentrate on the work on hand is a spiritual principle. It is to shift from outside to inside.

Spirituality says that shifting from outside to inside results in: (1) years are abridged into hours; (2) man, who is a slave of circumstances, finds himself a master of life; (3) karma is overcome; (4) one is able to do what has not been attempted so far.

A nation as a whole doing it will surely rise in eminence. How can we describe such a process to ourselves? We are an ancient nation. India has a hoary past of the Buddha, vast empires, great universities and a long procession of enlightened sages. Our immediate task is to overcome poverty, rise in the educational level, and provide every youth with employment. Europe has done so by her technology.

Is it possible to draw upon our spiritual potential to arrive at an economic goal? Rising population has changed all by itself from a curse into a strength by education, especially vocational education.

Life, especially when it rises, meets with rise and fall. Resorting to the Spirit, i.e. by being utterly truthful and self-reliant, the fall will drop off by itself. Life will be one continuous rise.

The business man who is at the mercy of his market will be a master of the market. That is a rare knowledge the Spirit has given us. This path will help us reach our goal very quickly. It is a knowledge we can offer the world. Any discovery of science has a negative side.

Any method of the Spirit - truth, self-respect, values, etc. - eliminates the negative side. It is a spiritual knowledge, rather a spiritual experience. Applied to life or business, it becomes powerful and a rare possession. The future is for the Spirit all over the world, as they said in the 19th century, ‘‘the future is for science''.
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