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Tuesday December 7 2004 11:47 IST

By Karmayogi

The Reserve Bank was founded in 1935. It was a landmark in Indias financial administration.

The UGC was created as the apex body for all the Indian universities when India attained freedom. It effectively guides the increasing number of universities and controls their finances.

In 1964 Food Corporation was founded which has since warded off famine.

One the same lines, India needs a Spiritual Magazine from which every aspiring Indian can draw sustenance.

English has a prestige in India which it does not enjoy in Indonesia. It is so because we were once a colony of Great Britain. In England, everyone, the child, the illiterate, speak English because it is their mother tongue. The Spirit is our mother tongue by virtue of our being Indians, Hindu or Muslim or Jain.

The Indian soil is spiritual. Her very atmosphere is saturated with the Peace of the Spirit. Those who visit India for the first time notice it. There are a good many magazines run by various sects. They are sectarian and are read only by those belonging to that particular religion.

In Europe, the word God has acquired an undesirable reputation because of fanatic propaganda in the nineteenth century. Religious people will not appreciate the word Spirit replacing the word God. But Soul is not a word that is in disfavour.

Soul is the intelligence of the highest part of ones mind. There is no problem in human life that cannot be explained in terms of the action of the Soul. Life has problems and opportunities. To be able to explain how the intractable problems of life can certainly be solved by reference to ones soul will be interesting to anyone.

For the fortunate few in life, life is full of opportunities. It is not as easy to avail of an opportunity as to solve a problem. Reference to Soul readily opens up answers to every facet of such fresh opportunities.

Everyone knows that to rise to the top layer of his own organisation is not given to all in the organisation. From there to the very top is inaccessible. Maybe outsiders are earmarked for that post.

For anyone who is determined to refer his opportunities to his SOUL, the top post waits. Beyond that lie the glories of psychological growth.

A Spiritual magazine can occasionally explore those possibilities of conscience and beyond. The Spiritual possibilities of 'mounam,' 'shanthi,' and 'Ananda' are beyond.

India is full of men in all walks of life who, because of their inner purity, have attained one of these levels. The Magazine can distribute their personal treasures to its readers.

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