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Emotion of Falsehood

Wednesday December 15 2004 09:32 IST

By Karmayogi

Life is not two clearly divided camps of Truth and Falsehood for man to choose. They are always mixed in a variety of ways. One is at a loss to know what to choose at critical moments.

Every important moment is thus a critical moment. These situations often arise in a family of considerable property, in the partnership of companies, in the higher echelons of power, at election times in the political parties. An excellent occasion is when a political party splits.

Loyalties oscillate. The character of people will fully come to the surface on these occasions. There are those who are rootless, unformed. They await the heat to subside so that they may choose their side. Always they choose the winning side. They too are in a quandary when after the final settlement of affairs, one more shift occurs.

An elder brother is robbed of his share by his enterprising younger brothers. Or, the dynamic eldest brother takes away the lions share of the company and leaves his own affectionate younger brothers to enjoy the adventure of a fresh start. At such times, the children of the cheat, his family members, may be powerless to undo the injustice.

They may inwardly resent or dissent but may act duty-bound. It is not given to them to render justice to the victim. DUTY may dictate to obey those that should be obeyed, but it certainly does not mean that they should justify in their hearts the gross injustice. It would amount to crass ignorance.

As Sir William James gave his famous book in the beginning of the 20th century the title, Varieties of Religious Experience, life generously offers varieties of beliefs, behaviours, faiths, etc.

Indian life, not merely her economy, is emerging as a VIBRANT wave of evolutionary significance to all humanity. And this is an Hour of God. Neither life nor God pays heed to those who, for whatever reason, choose the side of Falsehood at such critical moments, whether it is in the family or public life. Woe unto him who believes his falsehood to be the truth.

Man is capable of going one step further in his exhibition of loyalties to the powers of money or organisation. In the face of a blatant wrong or a heinous crime to a beloved member of the family, MAN is capable of choosing the wrong side and fervently believing that that wrong is right.

There is no salvation to those great souls who are thus dedicated to organised Falsehood. They are not helpless victims of a haphazard whirlpool of lies. They are choosing their emotional side consciously and earnestly. When the society evolves, they are wiped out, as the footprints on the beach by the embrace of a wave.

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