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The Subconscious

Friday December 17 2004 08:39 IST

By Karmayogi

What the world calls unconscious, Sri Aurobindo calls subconscious, because to Him, the entire world is always conscious. The Upanishads call Him the One who is awake in those that are asleep. Most informed Indians know the terminology of the spiritual culture of our tradition. Sri Aurobindos yoga is new to the world.

Hence his phraseology is also new, of which two stand out, the subconscious and the subliminal. The English dictionary will not help a devotee, as Sri Aurobindo does not use those words in their original linguistic sense. He gives them a yogic extension.

I often cite the example of a simple word silence, whose meaning is absence of noise. In Indian spirituality, silence is absence of thought, a concept unknown to the West. To us, absence of thought is Jnanam; to them, absence of thought is stupidity.

A devotee who wants to get up at 5 am the next day goes to bed, having told Mother that. He wakes up and sees the arms of the clock exactly at 5 on the dot. To him, it is Mothers Grace. In fact, it is the subconscious waking him up. We are in the surface mind.

The subconscious is deep within us. A deep decision touches the subconscious, to which the entire environment reveals. As the devotees decision is of the subconscious, the subconscious wakes him up at the exact time. He mistakes it as Mothers Grace.

Also, Mothers Grace wakes him through any medium he is open to. Mother can wake him up through the medium of the subconscious. When She acts through the subconscious, the devotee will be fresh, cheerful, and full of energy. When the subconscious alone acts, such an atmosphere will not be there.

One will have ones own energy. If one has gone to sleep tired, he will wake up, but find himself tired.

Mother grants our prayer through what we believe in. One who believes in influence to get a government job will get it through his influential contacts. Suppose one can use money, has VIP contacts, status, etc., but disregards them and relies ONLY on the Mother, She grants his prayer by a procedure not in the department or life.

That is pure Grace. Devotees have received orders from the government in defiance of the rules to the contrary. There is the subliminal. It is a wider world, not unknown to our tradition, but the traditional yogas were all done only in the surface mind.

Tradition anywhere in the world has not made the subliminal plane a field of yoga. The subliminal is a plane that emerges where the superconscient meets the subconscient. The subliminal is universal. One in the subliminal mind can know, when he chooses, what happens in any part of the world.

There also, one needs a subtle discrimination, as the subtle overlaps the subliminal.

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