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Viswarupa Darshan of the Lord

Friday December 31 2004 08:08 IST

By Karmayogi

The miracles of Lord Krishna were many. One of them was the revelation of His true Form. He rarely revealed Himself so. It is believed that he did so only to those whom he loved. It was Bernard Shaw who spoke of the harm the good man does.

His mental genius was able to stand apart from human life and see the hidden truths. Sri Aurobindo says that Life works equally through good as well as Evil. To us, Evil is abhorrent, good is welcome, as we are limited human beings.

To God or Life, Evil is as much an instrument as Good for them to work through. Can we conceive that Duryodhana made the Lord reveal His true form to the entire court of Dhritharashtra? That is the service pure evil is capable of.

The Pandavas took refuge in the court of Virat after having completed 12 years in the forest. This was the year of incognito. The Queen's brother Keechaka was stung by the beauty of Draupadi, whom he molested.

Bhima advised her to entice the bully into the dancing hall so that Bhima could handle him. Keechaka was thus killed by Bhima. News reached in time to Hastinapura. Karna was the one who detected the significance of the event. He knew there were only six people who could kill Keechaka.

They were Lord Shiva, Drona, Kripa, Duryodhana, Karna and Bhima. By a process of elimination, he stumbled on the fact that Bhima was there. In order to expose the Pandavas and send them back to the forest for another twelve years, Hastinapura attacked the kingdom of Virat and met with a dismal failure at the hands of Arjuna who was in the guise of a charioteer of the cowardly Prince.

Duryodhana claimed to have exposed the Pandavas and wanted forest life for them again. The Pandavas claimed Indraprastha, as the year of incognito was over a month earlier.

Ambassadors from both sides carried messages of Peace. Lord Krishna was the second emissary on behalf of the Pandavas. In a sense, Krishna was there as a self-appointed messenger of Peace.

His pleadings to the court fell on deaf years. Duryodhana asked for an alternative proposal. Krishna asked for five villages. It was denied. Enraged, Duryodhana ordered the arrest of Krishna.

Then Krishna emerged in his effulgent FORM and everyone in the court had his Darshan. Any vibration, when taken to the maximum intensity, crosses into the horizon of Divinity. Duryodhana was evil incarnate.

The perfection of Evil in him broke the borders of humanity into that of divinity. In that, Evil is equal to Good, a conception very disturbing to human conception. There is Evil for Man or his Ego.

In creation, there is no evil. It is only the perception of the divided Ego.
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