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Pain in the Neck

Tuesday January 4 2005 08:52 IST

By Karmayogi

When we meet certain people, we suddenly brighten up and feel a surge of energy. They are dynamic and self-giving. Their overflowing energies come to us through their attitude of self-giving which energises us.

Such people look bright and are cheerful. There are others in whose presence we feel depressed. Prolonged contact with them drains our energy, and a pain in the neck develops.

A common saying describes them as a pain in the neck. They are narrow-minded selfish people, coarse in their tastes. They suck the energies of those whom they meet. The Force I speak of is capable of converting a pain in the neck into a dynamic, cheerful temperament. This is psychological.

There is a also physical pain in the neck due to the bone in the spine wearing out. Doctors advise a brace for the neck and care in the movements. A lady, a native of Pondicherry, developed such a pain. The pain became acute. There was no remedy in medicine.

She found the pain unbearable. Though a native of Pondicherry, she knew nothing of The Mother. Recently she heard of Her and began to develop faith in Mother. She found that no prayer to Mother fails. It was surprising to her. Her knowledge of The Mother was that She was a powerful deity. Her experience confirmed it.

Her mind had not gone beyond that, nor was there any curiosity to inquire. Once someone gave a flower to her husband. For about ten days her husband brought that flower home. A friend explained to her what Mother has said about flowers. That talk strayed to Prosperity flower. She vaguely recalled that that flower was the one her husband had been bringing earlier, called nagalingam, Prosperity.

Her beauty parlour was a modest one. Suddenly she remembered that during the ten days when Prosperity was coming to her, her parlour was giving her Rs. 1000 per day.

Faith in the Mother sprouted. She wanted to pray to Mother to get rid of her neck pain. The faith overlooked the opinions of some doctors who had given it up. She sat in meditation one day. As she went in deeply, she found a powerful force entering her left hand. It frightened her. She got up and left the place. In spite of the fright, something in her longed for that experience again.

It was the Force entering her body. She resumed the meditation. Again the Force entered. It was alternatingly frightening and fascinating. There was no pain in the neck now. It was unbelievable! The pain in the neck left her once and for all. In her life it was a miraculous incident. The Force that enters can frighten people, as it is very strong. But the fascination will be greater and will overcome the fright. The human in us is frightened; the Soul in us is receptive and enjoys the touch of the Force.

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