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Monday January 3 2005 08:52 IST

By Karmayogi

I often write about Spiritual Silence. Silence has other versions. The silence on the mountaintop or the desert is the silence of the physical plane.

Spiritual Silence is in the plane of the Mind. Our talk is from the stomach, the solar plexus, called vital in the language of yoga. When a speaker is eloquent on the platform, it is the stomach that is pleased, not the Mind that thinks. Non-stop talkers are vital people.

They are men of action, usually with a strong dose of falsehood. They can never be silent at all. Silence can come to them too. It comes as a condition that makes them speechless.

A few young men heard of a money spinner. They harnessed their savings and pooled them into the new venture, and worked themselves to death. Having met success after success, they became thick friends and close partners. Their success far exceeded their wildest expectations. One of them had education and an organised mind.

The others laboured. As the bounty grew in great dimensions, the fair-mindedness of the educated partner was perceived as a weakness. The others colluded to deprive him of a part of his due. Being educated and having inherited a rich culture, the victim taught himself patience and behaved as if he was unaware of the crude tricks of the others.

The success of greed forces it to be blatant. Those who rob have a way of believing that the victim is incapable of knowing what is going on behind the screen.

Once the subject surfaced. The victim expressed that each should get his due. It was too much for the others. It came as a surprise to them. He even said that they could part company, if the due was denied.

A silence descended on the meeting. It was like a blanket. Everyone was speechless. They could neither speak nor move. Sitting still for three hours, they found themselves as statues. When the motive of action is questioned, the human volition dissolves and movement is impossible.

If Spiritual Silence ushers the yogi into the stillness of the Spirit, Vital Silence robs men of action of the capacity to move and throws them into a mental coma. This too is another version of the great SILENCE. Between lovers comes a moment of intense intimate communion which deprives them of the need to speak or move.

Such Silence is positive vital Silence when hours pass as minutes. Silence can come into us even in action, e.g. while active in a game. Should silence descend on one while he is playing, his shots will gain in accuracy as never before and the sound of silence will be heard with each shot.

Silence exists at all levels from the physical material to spiritual supramental. In any plane, Silence raises the efficiency of existence which is dynamic functioning.

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