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Unmarked Chest

Wednesday January 5 2005 08:33 IST

By Karmayogi

Wise men say the answer for any problem lies inside it. They quote events such as an African who rushed to South America lured by gold, unaware of the diamond mine in his own backyard, which he had sold away. India is a rich country with poor people, is a familiar refrain.

Spirituality says the Infinite is in the finite. One can understand such statements and accept them. It gives him mental satisfaction, not material results. The material potential is there. Properties are auctioned and rich people buy them for a song.

The moment it goes into the hands of a rich man, the property rises in value. We know the extraordinary rise in value is due to the wealth and status of the rich man. We know the Spirit is more valuable than wealth, but our faith in the Spirit does not bring out such a change. This is so because our faith is lip-service.

Many of us have witnessed the phenomenon of a sinking company purchased by a dynamic person and turned around, rarely with no further funds. In the 60s, Pondicherry Milk Society was losing money. The government was willing to close shop.

Someone suggested that the Cooperative Bank Secretary was a dynamic man and he could turn it into a profit-making concern. That officer rose to the expectation of his admirer and made the Milk Society a great success. What was the secret? Inside the various sections of the Milk Society there was plenty of potential - money, human resources, opportunities, advantages of the market, organisational strength, etc. - which when drawn upon, a losing concern becomes a profitable one.

England has always had an efficient administration. Rarely do they do anything without writing. The Admiralty that received 24,000 letters a week replied to ALL of them the same day. They are punctual and a byword for efficiency.

The Bank of England is a distinguished establishment, maybe the first ever central bank the world had. In the first quarter of the 19th century, there was an unmarked chest in the Bank. By accident someone opened it and saw ?1.5 million sovereigns! It had been there for long forgotten by the Bank. How on earth could such a thing be possible?

As this is money, we readily understand it. In truth, in every company there are about a hundred areas of strength - reputation, loyalty, credibility, thoughtfulness, resourcefulness, dynamism, etc. - each of which was prominent at one time. At any given time, any company focuses ONLY on one resource. In practice, it is one project. All the others recede to the background and are gradually forgotten.

It is true of any family or any individual. Anyone who realises such potentials and exercises his mind to DRAW upon them will let his life or his company?s life grow exponentially. The strength is within.

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