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Neglected Arrears

Wednesday January 19 2005 08:17 IST

By Karmayogi

Arrears can be of any description arrears of work, duty, or uncollected outstanding of money. People in business sometimes come to a standstill. Money dries up or the market deserts. One contemplates closing the operations. It can be of several types. One type is because of accumulated arrears. Here we come to a vicious cycle. We know if the arrears are fully collected, the business will be viable. Again, we know unless the business is viable and is running, those arrears cannot be collected. At such points, one finds his prayers at a dead end, evoking no response. Sometimes the losing company may not have the energy or the means of collecting the arrears. Still, when a determined effort is made, we get vague promises, evasive answers, taunting replies or even ridicule.

This is really a hopeless MOMENT. Mother says a hopeless moment is the best occasion to call Her as She can act most powerfully. At such moments, we believe in nothing. Our beliefs that stand in the way of the Force working effectively have now deserted us. Hence we are lucky! What really matters is a DECISION to make oneself a success. It is sincerity. The truth is that these arrears have collected gradually because of our laziness and neglect. Now we have to reverse the laziness into dynamism, neglect into responsibility. Collect as much as you can. Even Rs. 100 out of a few thousands collected will break the impasse. Don't go into the market for collection until you see the determination inside. The inner determination is preceded by a decision. That decision is by our will. Our will is enlightened by our knowledge. Know that you can collect this money, as it is yours. Also know, if you fail to collect this, you are over. That knowledge is the key. Let that knowledge fortify your will. Take a decision based on it. That decision is the knowledge of our will.

Let your WHOLE mind accept that decision. Then it becomes a determination. Add the emotional passion to it. The determination becomes a commitment. It is powerful. Once such a determination is arrived at, go out to collect. There will be a positive response. Absence of positive response means absence of positive determination. Know uncollected arrears is closed business. Out of other favourable circumstances, uncollected arrears now may not hurt you, but they will certainly erode your company and later your life; it will be your undoing. To collect every rupee owed to you is your responsibility. You might have collected 9500 out of 10,000, but left 500 uncollected. As the company grows, you will see that a bill of 100,000 leaves 5000 uncollected. The arrears have SUBTLE life. Not only your company, but also your personal life will be undone by that 500 uncollected. To collect it is essential.
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