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Infinity in Life

Thursday January 20 2005 08:32 IST

By Karmayogi

In the very beginning of creation, there was Infinity and Eternity, says the scriptures. God is described as an infinite Being living eternally. Mathematics says that the Infinite does not increase or decrease. The Infinite multiplied by any number, say ten, remains Infinite. Even when the Infinite is divided by ten, it remains Infinite. It is an important concept in mathematics.

Spiritually too, the Infinite is equally important. Infinite minus Infinite equals Infinite is the dictum of the Upanishads. The Gita puts it as, ‘‘It moves not, but it is always ahead of you.'' Again, the Gita says, ‘‘It is indivisible. It is there in the divisible things undivided.'' Sri Aurobindo ascribes to Infinity, the concept of it, the most significant value in life.

I call it the Practical Concept of Infinity. It means Infinity that is so important to spirituality and mathematics is ever-present in life. In other words, one who realises this truth in life will have the power to multiply things in life infinitely, as akshayapatram produced endless quantities of food. Kamadhenu, says the Puranas, emanated limitless objects. Krishna, who ate one little particle of rice from Draupadi's pot, filled the stomachs of all the sages who came to her as guests. We see the human mind possessing such a capacity, a capacity that is infinite. From the stone tools of the primitive man to the latest scientific gadgets, their number is countless. Out of this Mind of ours emanated hundreds of subjects starting from the earliest poetry to the latest demography. How many thousands of languages has this Mind given birth to?

Someone wanted to buy a notebook. Without his expressing his desire, in a few days he received more than eleven notebooks. In his own sphere, his mind exhibited a capacity that is unusual. Should he realise the truth of the Infinite in life, everything he does will so multiply. Even if he believes in this Truth, life will give him more than he asks for. This faith in Infinity carried to the consciousness of the body makes the body immortal. In the life of Mother's devotees, it expresses as:

1) abridgement of Time, 2) raising the level of one's work, and 3) making the end result available at the beginning. A bank officer received three promotions in three years. One who unsuccessfully bid for a dealership was awarded the Directorship of the manufacturing company. Infinity working in the life of a finite man is abridged by his Personality. What ultimately prevails in Man is his Personality, as the pot immersed in the sea cannot take in more than its volume.
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