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Spirit is Infectious

By Karmayogi

One strong mark of Spirit is GOOD WILL. One can say that Good will is synonymous with Spirit. It is an age-old observation that when a great soul is born, life around suddenly becomes mere prosperous.

If one successfully invokes Spirit and continues to develop in that direction, all those who are related to him by good will witness a parallel development in their own Prosperity.

An employee in a private institution was suspended out of local intrigue. It meant the employee would be ruined forever, especially 40 years ago when such things were unheard of. Though it was a private institution, in view of the government grant, it was under a government department. The employee had a friend as a gazetted officer in that department. The officer, though not a close friend, exhibited extraordinary interest in the case and made arrangements to cancel the suspension orders forthwith. The orders were cancelled without resort to appeals, by the invocation of the Spirit.

The employee, who is in the habit of invoking the Spirit, was intensely anxious to help the officer. There was no way. It was only a kindly thought. The officer was selected to the IAS cadre. The officer desired his IAS selection to have a retrospective effect and went to court which sanctioned it. The employee saw in the papers that the officer who was selected to the IAS had been given the retrospective benefit from 1962 which was the year in which the officer had helped him.

It is the experience of this employee in his later years that many friends and relatives who were well disposed towards him rose in life far higher than their own expectations. Spirit that develops in one SIMULTANEOUSLY develops in all those connected with him. It is infectious in its growth.

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