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Power of the moment

Saturday February 5 2005 08:05 IST

By Karmayogi

A work must be attended to, not left to itself. Any work left to itself is sure to be spoiled. Man is greater than the drifting Time. Man has risen above life and conquered it. He has in him an expertise which no one on earth other than MAN himself enjoys. He must bring himself to bear upon the situation, let his personality impact on the work at hand. Then it turns out to be a good work.

This is no great wisdom, but simple common knowledge as it is a daily occurrence.

In this sense, Man is an achiever, as he has skill. There are other times, of course, rarely when we do witness a work rising to great proportions which we are incapable of when we leave it to itself, not meddle into it by our human interference. This happens when the hour is great and carries the work in its hands of benevolence.

At such moments, we say, ‘‘None of these things were on the agenda. It all happened by itself. Had I planned, I would not have thought of it on this scale as it was nowhere on my mind.'' There are people of luck. There are lucky periods which are determined to raise our lives high. We generally resist such moves successfully. Should we choose not to interfere, or should we find ourselves helpless to stop the movement of affairs, life ushers us into luck.

Such a thing happens to ALL who are in touch with this Force I speak of invariably. Even outside this Force, such a MOMENT comes to all those people who are pious in the real sense of the word, who are optimistic, who are good-natured, in the right sense of the word. Anyone can recall a few incidents in their own lives or experience.

It is true life is destructive and Man is constructive. It is equally a divine truth that life in its depth is capable of a certain goodness that is luck which man is unaware of. Those who invoke this Force can always avail of such luck.

Someone who was waiting outside a Polytechnic under a tree to be called for the admission interview was so taken to a college and admitted there. He later became an engineer. Such people who are the beneficiaries of this Force have another opportunity. They can become a source of this Force to all others who come into contact with them.

If they desire it, as they have remained passive when luck carried them along, they must remain PASSIVE in their inner existence all the time, so that the FORCE may constantly enter their life and being and distribute itself to all those who come into contact with them. In yogic parlance, it is called surrender.

They don the mantle of Mother's Devotees. They are centres of the higher consciousness. They carry a vibration of the Supramental Force.
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