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How to Become God

Monday February 7 2005 09:07 IST

By Karmayogi

Not even in his wildest imagination has Man dreamt of being God. All that man wants is to get a boon from God. Brahma created the world, Vishnu protects it, Shiva destroys it. Do we wish to create the world? No, it is not given to man to dream of becoming God.

Still, Mother says it is a worthy goal for Man on earth. The world knows of tapas which gets the tapas in the Darshan of God. It knows of mantras that accomplish a work. There are mantras that can bring down a god to you as Kunti had. But to become god is too much for the human aspiration or ambition. Of course, there were Asuras who wanted to excel Narayana or Shiva. They were expressions of ego, a condensed form of ignorance.

What does Mother mean when She says that Man can become God? She does mean it. She has told the world how to accomplish it. To surrender one's being, consciousness, power and delight to this Force qualifies one to aspire for becoming God, according to the Divine Mother. Saint Chaitanya revealed his divine form too long to his disciples who requested him to return to his normal human self. Mother says She became the Supreme for fifteen minutes in Her last years.

The Supreme is far above the status of God as we know. One aspect of this aspiration is to function in utter FREEDOM. This means not to be bound by social laws, moral codes, ethical behaviour, not to submit to any laws made by MAN.

No one has found it easy; still, many have taken to it. Such people ended as sages, Rishis and yogis. It is one thing NOT to follow any rules, but it is another thing to relate to a person on that basis. We are incapable of imposing our beliefs on another.

If one wants to try a little of it, there is a method. Freedom is a sacred rule for us to follow. It is more sacred when extended to another. To run an establishment based on the laws of Freedom successfully will certainly make one God. It is difficult to see such an establishment.

Someone tried a little bit in his company. He found his salesman had not gone out once on a sales trip for two years. Offer this freedom to your servants, they will rarely turn up. Soon the establishment will be closed. If you are one who loves adventure and enjoys courting danger, let me give you a tiny experiment.

If you have a naughty child of four who raises a storm every morning to go to school or a profligate husband or an imperious wife, you can make a one-time experiment. The only condition is NOT to react to whatever the child does. Prepare your heart to be patient and calm. If you succeed in a few days or many years, try it on one day, for a little while. Do not ask the child to go to school. If you are successful, the child, contrary to custom, will go to school happily.

One who can make this an attitude of life can run an establishment and if it becomes a success, he is qualified to become God. To accomplish in utter freedom is godly.
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