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Krishna's Headache

Wednesday February 9 2005 07:31 IST

By Karmayogi

Lord Krishna's incurable headache was cured by a strange treatment is the tale.

The lives of Avatars are a constant wonder and a source of inspiration. Each act of theirs is an instruction to mankind. They are not merely acts to be emulated but contain a rich philosophy behind.

At the onset of a headache Krishna found it incurable. The one remedy he knew was someone who had faith in him should come forward to place their feet on Krishna's head and then he would be cured. Why should the Avatar acquire such a headache? How could anyone bring himself to place his feet on the reverential crown? What has that to do with the cure?

The story goes that no one could do it, and finally Radha dared to offer that remedy and he was relieved of the ache. Love knows no respect. It only wants to give regardless of social conventions. Radha alone had such a love for Krishna.

Through her came his relief. The yoga of Krishna is Jnana Yoga practised by the mind. There are occasions in yoga when one receives more than his own receptivity permits. Put otherwise, the mind is resistant. Hence the headache. Either the descending grace should withdraw, which is a catastrophe, or the receiving Mind, seated in the brain, should grow in receptivity.

The ache suggests that the Mind could not widen its capacity. Normally the Mind grows or its capacity to receive grows by the Mind accepting a higher idea. It is a growth of Mind. Obviously, that was not possible here. About a dozen ways of increasing receptivity can be given. Here, Krishna chose the method of loving humility.

To know that one is a speck before God is humility. To submit in love to an object of love is a greater act of humility. Krishna chose that. Ishwara is the Lord of creation. He is fulfilled by surrendering to Shakti. It is an act of spiritual humility.

The knowledge that Radha is a greater medium for love than God is a greater knowledge. By accepting it, the receptivity of the mind grows. Hence the relief.

Receptivity is the capacity to receive and retain. We plough six inches deep. Deep ploughing chisels the soil up to 36 inches. The caked up soil opens and receives more water and retains it for a longer time. Thus, we see the receptivity of the soil rises. The mental ego is an obstacle to yoga.

Sadhaks have reported that they heard a tearing sound in meditation. It is the physical ego giving up. By letting a devotee put her feet on his head, Krishna humbled himself, thus increasing the receptivity of his Mind. Radha's love should have been of a superior kind to place her feet on the Lord's head to relieve his ache.
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