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Wednesday February 16 2005 10:03 IST

By Karmayogi

Yudhisthira was the son of Lord Dharma. How could he indulge in a game of dice? How could he not know that he would lose? How dare he lose his brothers and wife? What kind of Dharmaraja was he? Those were the questions asked about him.

Those questions were even addressed to him. He replied that when Rama the Avatar could not know that the golden deer was false, there is no wonder in his own lapse at the dice game. Surely this is a complete justification, but cannot constitute an answer.

Rama was an Avatar, i.e. an emanation of Vishnu, born as a human mortal. Lord Shiva foolishly gave a boon to an Asura who attempted to test it on Shiva himself. Had he tested it, Shiva would have been reduced to ashes. It was Vishnu's intervention and ruse that made the Asura put his hand on his head and test its efficacy.

Well, if Yudhisthira could lapse, an Avatar can go wrong, God himself can be so trapped, then, of course, KARMA is too powerful. Or the laws of the cosmos are inexorable. Krishna stands out from this net. Perhaps he is outstanding. How to answer the question asked of Yudhisthira? You may be from any higher world, but when you are born on earth, the laws of earth are binding on you.

So also, the karma that envelops the life of a divine being born on earth. Let us come nearer home. Is that the end of Indian spirituality? The birth of Sri Aurobindo opened the earth to the Power and Force of The Hour of God. It is an hour when aeons of work will be done in a trice.

This Hour of God came as a result of long cosmic labour. We are likely to mistake Sri Aurobindo as a Rishi. It may not be entirely wrong. We may take him to be an Avatar. That too may not be exactly true, as He was not and His Force now is not subject to the laws of earthly life, particularly karma.

If you find yourself in such a position as Yudhisthira or Shiva and feel entirely helpless and find the onset of forces of Life is imminent, call Sri Aurobindo's Force. Better still, call Mother. In either case, you will see karma is NOT binding on you. A client was fleeced by a corrupt lawyer.

The lawyer helped his client to lose! The client went to the High Court. He won the case. The formalities required the property to be issued a certificate from the government pleader. In the meanwhile, this corrupt lawyer became the government pleader.

He took the file and declared, “Last time you escaped. Now unless you give me what I demand, you won't get the certificate.” The client invoked the Force. The district administration was bifurcated and this file went to the pleader in the other part of the district who happened to be a friend. Karma binds the hero of Mahabharata and the hero of Ramayana, not one who relies on the Force now on earth active in the atmosphere.
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