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Saturday February 19 2005 08:48 IST

By Karmayogi

Fear is an emotion. No one likes it. When fear acquires a reality, i.e. a personality and rules the person, then we say he suffers from a phobia, though both words mean the same. Being in God is indefinable security. Being away from God, in ego, causes fear. Man does not seek the security in God. He seeks that security in his family, friends, and society.

To be accepted by the society, to be adored by the family is security. To be left out by the society, to be despised by our own family causes loneliness. Loneliness in weak people generates fear. The fear of the known is heavy. The fear of the unknown is crushingly heavy, as it can crush one out of his existence. One clearly feels that one can be free of this phobia only when his life quits his body.

Medicine has a way of offering some relief for some time. Generally any of these reliefs for a period leads to aggravation of the fear, the symptoms reappearing more strongly. The opposite of phobia is security. An affectionate family offers an admirable psychological sense of security. Popularity which is social acceptance creates a sense of social security.

Innate GOODNESS and the belief in it often brings an expansive smile to the lips, as that native goodness is the source of psychological security. Beyond the family, society, and ethics lies spiritual security, the knowledge that one is a Spirit inside. Well, that is something for the sages. We are not rishis or sages. During times of stress of phobia, if one takes to meditation and goes in dwelling on the idea that he is a Spirit, the relief is instantaneous, tangible and will last longer than what one gets otherwise.

A Blessing Packet is prasad from Mother. It carries Her power. Put it on the stomach before going to bed and keep it there during sleep. There will be no fear during the sleep. Should this experience give you the touch of spiritual security, understand the when the idea that Spirit is real, Mother is real, is accepted by the Mind, the phobia will go away forever. Claustrophobia is one such dreadful fear. The Blessing Packet carries Mothers presence.

It gives sure temporary relief. If the Mind moves to the IDEA that Mother is Spirit and desires to seek it, the relief is instantaneous and lasting. One can accept the Spirit which is powerful. But one can feel the several grades of relief and choose what he prefers. Mantras of any description can have a similar effect. As long as MAN seeks the Spirit in one form or another, relief of some level is sure.

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