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The Value of Information

Tuesday February 22 2005 08:15 IST

By Karmayogi

Advertisement is a boon to the society. There are impervious corners even to the reach of advertisements. Someone who was searching for the heir of his dead partner advertised in his own country England and in all of Europe. But the child was in the next house where no one reads a newspaper.

A closed mind refuses to benefit by the known information. A cloistered life is impervious to comforts open to all. In these days that can very well be described as modern, five of a family lost sight because they had no idea that cataracts could be cured by a simple operation.

Their belief in karma made them hide their shame. This is an age of information. To know how much the concerned people miss because of ignorance created by circumstances is amazing. Information is of value.

One is unable to know essential information because when the mind travels on one line, it loses the habit of seeing around. It is common knowledge that what one system of medicine fails to cure, another system cures. The mind used to one system is incapable of thinking of another system. For most of our affairs, we go by what we know and do not seek professional help.

For an ordinary man, professional help always appears to be costly and cumbersome. He comes not to think of it as a source of help. Lack of information causes fear, in some cases, dread. When fear possesses a Man, he can hardly be rational. His helpless condition leads to irreparable loss.

The advent of the web and Internet has widened the scope of information infinitely. Still, the use is only minimal.

Life is teeming with examples in medical treatment, legal remedies, audit procedures, admission details, securing employment. Big organisations in the metropolis are often very blind about the opportunities to be availed of, or the dangers to be avoided.

Allopathy has no cure for sleeplessness. They advise a physical remedy of keeping awake in the day and forcing the sleeping cycle back to the night. It never strikes the patient, however informed he is otherwise, that a remedy would be available in other systems. It is there, readily available. A customer was shaking on receiving a notice for prosecution for failure to submit documents.

On enquiry it was revealed that the fine for that lapse was only Rs. 3/-. Husbands and wives were separated for thirty years for want of a simple family news. They took it as destiny or fate. Faith in the Spirit overcomes our ignorance and puts the needed information by a lucky chance in our way.

It is good to value what is to be valued - information.

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