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Letter Writing

Friday February 25 2005 07:54 IST

By Karmayogi

Writing letters is an important skill for people in important positions. One simple letter, short though it is, written thoughtfully with consummate resourcefulness, secured the Cadbury franchise for an unknown company. It rarely occurs to a person that he should write what the other man wishes to read, not what he thinks.

When such a letter is received, it generates a rare pleasure in the reader. The receiver is transformed and feels the writer is a great man.

A letter communicates a message. It can be done from the other mans point of view, the work point of view or from the writers point of view. Some insist on saying, I want it to be done like this. The egoistic emphasis sours the reader. It spoils the work or stalls it. It can be said passively as, It can be done like this.

It is inoffensive, but does not please. The writer can be generous in going out of his way to acknowledge the endowment of the other person and say, Your capacity to accomplish is well known. It can be said in a given context factually, without unsavoury flattering.

To dwell on the work instead of on oneself or the other person is to be neutral and causes no harm. Even that can be done positively or negatively. We know as writers of letters, the urge to put down our point of view emphatically and underline that.

That, of course, is to be avoided. Nor is tactless flattery welcome. A fact, especially the fact of recognising the other mans capacities or goodness, can be generously stated so that the reading of it will reveal the writers generosity of emotion. It will not savour of flattery.

People blossom inwardly when their true talents are genuinely seen and recognised. In their experience, they would not have met anyone who has so acknowledged their merits. More than the wording, the TONE matters, as it issues from the subconscious intention.

Only God knows ones talents. One who recognises anothers talent will be considered God or godly by the reader. We often write, By Gods Grace my sons wedding was celebrated with success. It is true, but there is a little more truth in it, as there are so many people who have helped you in the wedding. Also, the one to whom you are writing also would have had a part in its success.

As a rule, the writer forgets to mention it. It is thoughtfulness to remember to mention it and thank him. It leads to genuine pleasure. As I said earlier, in a message there are several factors: the writer, the message, the receiver, the time, place, motive, result, etc. Each can be referred to positively or negatively.

We should pay attention to do so positively and pleasantly. When it is true, the letter will become appropriate. One index of a good letter is, some points of it must remain in the memory of the receiver. It will be so if his emotions are touched enough.

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