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Building a House

Thursday March 3 2005 08:27 IST

By Karmayogi

Why dont you build a house near the centre? asked the lady-in-charge of the centre to an office manager. Well, I have not given serious thought to the idea, but when you ask, I feel I must take it seriously, was his reply.

His relationship with the centre was one of devotion and implicit faith. To him, anyone in charge of the centre was sacred. Her words were words carrying a message. His own relationship with the lady is one of pleasant confidence that is implicit. Whomsoever we trust, it is a trust in Mother. Whatever we do to a devotee of God is done to God.

We have to reach God by our discipline, desert and tapasya. An atmosphere of unsuspecting, implicit confidence that is magnanimous was created by the goodwill of one and the good nature of the other.

Straightaway he went to a plot owner near the centre and paid a token advance for purchasing the plot. The owner of the plot in his expansive innocence gave him a letter authorising the initial clearing work. A heavenly suggestion dropped to build a compound wall, based on almost nothing. The wall began to be built as if it had a personality of its own.

After this, the manager approached a bank for a loan of Rs. 15 lakhs. The passage of the loan into cash in his account needs a separate detailed description. The plot was purchased and registered, the bulldozer came for clearing, masons set to work and work proceeded as if it was carried on by its own inherent power of execution. The manager was generous enough to request the lady who gave the original suggestion to create a plan for the building, as if she were an architect.

We know enough of Grace. We rarely see it in action, especially in our own lives. The stamp of Grace expresses variously: an idea comes from outside; it looks as if the exact conducive circumstances already existed; people, against their normal doubting, act positively and encouragingly; work moves swifter than can be imagined; there is a sense of elation that is inner elevation of consciousness; unskilled persons execute jobs skilfully; there is a smile on every face; what we seek moves towards us as if it is answering our unvoiced call. This house was built to perfection to everyones excellent satisfaction.

How the water, electricity, and phone came confirmed the presence of Grace. Mother is Grace. Her atmosphere is Grace-laden. She is in us, inside us. She tries to come through a kind voice, a kindred soul. We must welcome Her with a love that expands the heart on both sides.

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