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The Powerful Tongue

Monday March 7 2005 09:34 IST

By Karmayogi

Ideas are afloat in the atmosphere. They enter conducive minds. We mistake such outside ideas as our own ideas. There is nothing our own. What is our own is our receptive mentality. If those ideas are powerful, they fulfil themselves. It is the power of ideas. Some people speak about the future. It comes true. Mother says if a mans words about the future come true, his soul or Psychic being is awake at that moment.

There are negative minds. They love to speak negatively, whatever the situation. There was a man who would ask his guest who had brought gifts, Why did you bring this? Dont bring such things any more. The guest would be mortified. After the exit of the guest, he took pleasure in explaining that the guest had an ulterior motive in bringing that gift. Very soon, people stopped coming to his house.

There are bosses whose words are cutting and mean to their subordinates. They would read the letters coming to the subordinates, interfere in their domestic affairs, express interest in knowing what happened at home. The subordinates or servants largely disregard them or manage to escape their consequences. But the unfortunate one is caught between the tongs. These are occasions when the subordinate cannot disclose what happened at home, who visited him, or what presents he received.

There are embarrassing situations when he cannot speak out or suppress the fact. The wonderful Tamil phrase dharma sangadam cannot be adequately translated into English. The nearest equivalent is embarrassing situation. How Mother came to the help of those in such situations is a true revelation of Mothers Grace, not seen in spiritual life ordinarily.

One such unfortunate subordinate had a fortunate occasion of receiving enormous gifts from ever so many people. He was overwhelmed by the good will and the high cost of the gifts. His own fear was whether to tell it to the boss or not. What poisonous words would come out of that venomous mouth was his fear. In his utter fright, he prayed to Mother, but had no faith of relief. The prayer gave him strength.

Anyway, he took the gifts and displayed them to the boss. He could not believe his ears when the Boss offered congratulations and added his blessings too. It was a revelation to the devotee whose faith rose a little more. It was an education in Life that this Power could change that tongue.

The Force always acts unfailingly. It is our lack of faith in it or faith in our usual beliefs that abridges the power of its action. One can choose any impossible situation, maybe even improbable, and offer it to Mother with faith, a total unsuspecting faith, a child-like faith which is blissfully oblivious. The Power will fully reveal itself on that occasion.


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