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The Touch of Low Consciousness

By Karmayogi

The high mental concentration needed to grasp abstruse mathematical theorems or intricate points of any scientific idea is not developed by a few hours of study or a few days of practice. It does not come to all. When it comes, it comes by years of cultivation.Spiritual concentration is not to be had for the asking. Over a period of months and years, you may succeed in such a concentration.

It takes you to celestial regions of light and peace, resulting in an inner elevation. As you come out of the meditation room, your brother who was at the club until 3 am and got up only at 9:30 am comes behind you and puts his affectionate arm on your shoulder. The whole experience of your meditation dissolves, never to reappear. The touch of dissipation is the touch of low consciousness.

Consecration, too, develops higher spiritual consciousness in work. This higher consciousness is not confined to meditation. It is expressed in work. Doing the work, whatever it is, without losing the inner elevation attained in meditation, or doing the work so perfectly that the inner concentration develops to this level is consecration or invoking the Spirit in work. This is not something that can be lost by any touch except temporarily.

“Let him contemplate a sea of nectar in his heart, in the midst of an island of precious stones, the very sands of which are pulverised diamonds and rubies. Let the yogin imagine a beautiful kalpa tree with four branches -the four Vedas. Beneath the tree let him imagine a rich platform of precious stones and on that a costly throne inlaid with jewels on which sits his particular deity chosen by his Guru.” This is a meditation of the Saivite tradition, which becomes real if done appropriately, but this too can be lost by that TOUCH. These are the fleeting glories of inner life, which the Spirit in life renders permanent.

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