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Love at first sight - IV

Monday March 14 2005 08:13 IST

By Karmayogi

It will be very interesting to discuss the Romance or love affair between people of different levels. It will offer us an occasion to spotlight the various expressions LOVE takes in the context of human nature.

All through those episodes it will be rewarding to see Love in its pristine purity enthroned in the heart, rather in the depths of the heart unsullied. The law of love is Man may vary, life may change for better or worse, but LOVE knows only to grow in strength and gain in purity. Suppose some thirty or even seventy events are discussed, commented upon, comments of several people collected and reported.

At the end Love will emerge as it originally emerged with its capacity to retain its truth and loyalty in full measure. It will be almost a Darshan of Love. Darshan of love is Darshan of God. Through each different event, love will express itself variously, exercising its infinite capacity for change, each a special splendour of LOVE.

Those who have had a vibration of love, especially if it had an occasion to surface, will always remember that moment and cherish it. It can be found by people at all the four levels. The rewards of love are determined by the strength of personality, which dwells outside the four levels. We call it the Person and his capacity, Personality. Love rises anywhere but personality completes.

The completion of love by personality depends on the choice one makes in essential aspects. The four levels are levels of formed character that has capacity. It is the person who decides to use the strength of his character in his favour or not. The strength of the person and his values are called Personality or Strength of Personality. Each person is born with a strength, lives it, gathers experience and dies. It is not generally given to Man to increase the strength of his personality.

Personality can grow if it is in touch with the Soul. One who is devoted to Mother can hope to raise the strength of his personality. Suppose a man of strong true love endowed with a personality whose strength is insufficient to consummate it calls Mother into his personality, She raises his personality to the required strength and accomplishes his goal. She acts thus - completing the incomplete - in any walk of life. She, being infinite, will be able to fill up any gap or want in any field. She acts according to the character of our call.

Her atmosphere, the benefit of it, is available to all. The more one knows of Her, the greater is the result. Even if a man knows more of himself, Her effectivity is greater. Called in, She strengthens our otherwise weak personality to the extent of our being able to complete the work on hand. It can have a greater and swifter effect on love-laden hearts, as Love is divine, being the soul-expression of Ananda. Love was given to the world to unite with the Divine. So, love easily unites hearts in love. (contd.)

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