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Love at First Sight - V

Tuesday March 15 2005 07:59 IST

By Karmayogi

The commonest question of serious people when they have to complete a work is, ?What should I do?? It is a valid question. For the greatest effect, one needs to know his personality strength and weakness, the social situation he is in, the nature of the mission he is facing and the attitude of the other person to the completion of the work, here the love of hearts into a settled matrimony. Knowledge is power.

Generally, all these are not present together. Often there is a variety of mixture. Let us take the example, an extreme example of someone in level 1 truly falling in love with another in level 4. Ordinarily, the storm raised by the conflicts of the contrasting situation will be too much for the weak person and before the episode matures, he will disappear. Suppose he trusts in Mother and calls Her to his help, what should he do to accomplish. Whatever his weakness or the measure of obstacles, if he can bring to the situation a sincerity to Mother, he will witness the miracle of every circumstance changing and awarding him the girl (or the boy to the girl) in matrimony. Men are not so sincere to the Divine. They are sincere to themselves. What is demanded of him is absolute sincerity, at least to his love. Absolute sincerity brings in absolute accomplishment.

The question what should I do? is capable of arising at each stage in a different fashion. It is possible for someone to mistake sincerity for selfishness, as they are so fully identified with themselves. Such people raise the question, What do you mean by sincerity? To answer it summarily, we can say that NO mercenary motive of any description should be introduced. Granted this much, what appears to be impossible at first sight becomes possible in Mothers Grace or in its all-enveloping atmosphere. It is rarely realised that mundane attitudes or mercenary motives can hurt pure love mortally. They deliver a fatal blow to the flame of love. Love never survives the touch of earth, however essential it may appear to us. Equally so, the fact is unseen that impatience, tension, hurry, lying, unwanted secrecy, etc. carry the force of falsehood. When falsehood of any description enters into the arena of love, it is vain to expect Mothers force to act. Of course, however weak a person is, he can be sincere and true.

In fact, truth is part of sincerity. Mother completes what no other force can ever complete. There are those peculiar personalities who declare, Make me sincere, I shall be sincere. It is an insincere statement that will evoke no response from Mother. If, out of ignorance, one speaks so but there is an underlying sincerity, that too will be answered, though not with the same force. Love at first sight is something that can fulfil itself in varying degrees. Mother offers the least of persons the most when their love is pure and their hearts are sincere.

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