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Love at First Sight III

Saturday March 12 2005 09:00 IST

By Karmayogi

I spoke of four levels, two on the surface and two in the depth. They can be called levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 for convenience. Those persons in level 1 are in the surface of the surface mind, those in 2 are in the depth of the surface, those in 3 are in the shallow depth or the surface of the depth and those in 4 are in the depth of the deep-seated Mind.

Eternal Romance resides in the 4th stage. People of that level are very serious, of immense Patience and unshakeable calm. Life never troubles them. No trouble troubles them. Their very calm calms the opposing disturbances. Wherever they are, they make their mark unmistakably.

Those in 3 are unshaken by anything that upsets people in 1 and 2. If they are upset, the disturbance will, of course, be serious, as people say, Anyone will be disturbed by this. They are the second level leadership in any institution they serve. They rarely rise to the top, unless experience is rewarded.

Most of us belong to level 2. We are not disturbed ordinarily, but disturbance worth its name does disturb us. We say, I am like this. I see all of us are like this. Mostly we weather our storms by painstaking effort, often with success, often otherwise.

Those in level 1 are silly, shabby, shallow characters that are totally upset by any small disturbance. When people take to Mother, they observe that they automatically move up one level for the better. If they persist and are desirous of building up their inner worth, they can move up to any extent, an opportunity not available in life.

Life always acts as if it is our opponent, expects to master our circumstances as if it is a test all the time. As against this, Mother always offers us the full support to continuously move from level 1 to 2 or from 2 to 3 or from 3 to 4. Anyone in level 1 who chooses to move to 4 can do so and the fullest support of Mother is there all the time unsolicited. Our effort invites Her as if it is our aspiration.

When people in one level fall in love with people in the same level, life is smooth, their aspirations are fulfilled to rounded perfection. They are the successful marriages socially as well as psychologically. If both are serious, they are sedately happy. If both are silly, they find extreme happiness in silly pleasures, but they are happy. If people in one level fall in love with people in other levels, apart from the social problems they encounter, they meet with inner psychological obstacles.

Often they discover that falling in love was an error. Persons in level 3 falling in love with someone in level 2 find their aspiration unfulfilled. The emotion lingers for long in the person of 3 and for a short while in the person of 2.

Then we see the phenomenon that life is stronger than love. Spiritually, love is always stronger than life. Here the person is unable to offer either the seriousness or intensity required of love. Hence it is overcome by the passage of time. The person wears out, not life.

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