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Viswarupa Darsan

Wednesday April 6 2005 14:53 IST

By Karmayogi

Some people are reasonable, many are unreasonable, especially when their own interest is touched. Irrationality is common. It is not new.

Occasionally irrationality insists beyond limits. Irrationality has a way of suddenly changing into its opposite when faced with pressure of strength.

What does not yield to argument yields to strength. What no measure of strength can move, an illuminating thought sometimes moves.

Thought is more powerful than strength and it is known to bring strength around in time. Human ego can defy strength or even knowledge.

It can defy even the Gods. Those are great moments in the life of the individual. Its message is different.

An illustrious poem was taken up for discussion among the Sangam poets. A line in the poem spoke about the natural fragrance of the hair on the head.

The dispute travelled all paths and finally subsided over only one point: whether human hair is capable of natural perfume.

All but one agreed that it could have a sweet smell. One poet differed. It is a known fact that human beings carry an aura.

Those endowed with the perception can directly know what aura one has. People can have an aura of light of various colours, white, golden, blue.

Spiritual realisation can endow a person with any capacity. One sadhu gave up bathing but he exuded no bad smell. Around him was a good smell.

Generally, spiritual seekers do not seek after such endowments. They come on their own. Ego can refuse to sanction any argument.

When the contending poet revealed his third eye hoping the other poets would bow down, the reply came, Even if you open your third eye, I am not going to accept your definition.

His ego sought destruction at the hands of Siva. He was not simply refusing an argument.

Duryodhana refused the Pandavas their kingdom. He refused to give even five villages to them. I shall not permit them space enough to plant a needle, he said.

He proceeded to arrest Krishna who came as an ambassador, contrary to royal custom. Krishna rose in the splendour of his original divine form. Duryodhana dismissed it as magic.

A time comes when the most developed EGO wants to destroy itself and it cannot. At those moments, it seeks out the strongest force known and provokes it until it swings into action.

The fully developed Ego is subconsciously aware that it has to be destroyed at this point. There is no mechanism of self-destruction available to him.

Such a subconscious knowledge leads him to the sources of greatest power to consciously provoke them into direct action. Mother says several such people came to Her.

She did not destroy them. She transformed them. As soon as they were transformed, they left Her.

Duryodhana refused to see the divine power of Krishna because he needed the war and more so, needed to be destroyed. It was a subconscious knowledge.

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