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Men of Great Capacity

Monday April 11 2005 09:35 IST

By Karmayogi

If we divide men into two categories of capacity and incapacity, capable men succeed and the incapable fail. Mother makes the incapable capable. This is a perennial theme with the devotees. Capable men succeed. They do not fail in life. When they come to Mother, they meet with far greater success than usual.

Sometimes such men find themselves lifted to a higher level, as a retailer changes into a manufacturer. The opposite also is true but very rare. Capable men fail in life. It is due to neglect or dissipation. Capable men who have failed in life and who come to Mother witness a sudden turn around. Such men value such changes and pick up the thread of new found progress. An exception to that is also theoretically possible, but very rare in life.

How can a capable man fail in life? If he is negligent or indulges in self-destructive ways, he alone can help himself by turning over a new leaf. Suppose he is not negligent or self-destructive, can he still fail? This is a rare exception, really a great rarity. Life presents us circumstances all the time. We constantly respond. Such a response involves a choice every time. That choice decides our character.

It is necessary to distinguish between character and capacity. Capacity implies skill, talent, ability, strength, endurance, etc. Character mainly denotes ones temperament, preference, the type of man one is. In a bargain, one can be fair or tricky. Reliable men are fair. Unreliable men cheat. In a work, one can cooperate or sulk. Temperamental men sulk and neglect. Responsible men do their duty and cooperate. Promises given are honoured, but one can choose to dishonour. People are nice to babies, but one is free to be not nice or even cruel.

Capable men in life or business choosing a negative alternative meet with failure. Their work can never be revived unless they change their character to the positive. Indians call it ones rasi, psychologists call it temperament, philosophers name it negativity. Life offers no solution to them. When they come to Mother, in spite of their negative character, She offers the same boost as She gives others. She does so acting through any good characteristic in them. She can act thus even without that opening.

Now, they must choose NOT to insist on their negative traits. If they do, they call back their failures. She waits till they change and offers them all they have missed in the interim period. She does NOT support the negative behaviour. When Mother gives a man what Life has refused, it is for him to change over to the right side.

Instead, if he goes back to his old habits and destroys what came in, the only thing he can do is to maintain a regular habit of monthly offering and plead with his own inner personality to change for the better. Offering will do what he refuses to do.

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