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A Positive Product

Saturday April 16 2005 14:34 IST

By Karmayogi

Every new scientific discovery begins as theory and ends as a PRODUCT. The Jnana of the Rishi comes to the population as values of life.

The knowledge of science comes to the same population as usable products. From the Stone Age, Man has been creating such products.

Maybe the very first product is the stone which he used as a tool. Computer and Internet may be the latest such tools. The tool becomes a product. The product is neutral.

It is Man who gives a character to the product he uses. A product that offers a great service usually has another side, an undesirable side.

It was inevitable in a world of dualities. The fission of the atom is certainly a great discovery. It gave birth to a monstrously destructive weapon, the atom bomb.

Atomic energy can be put to peaceful positive uses of electric power generation. But it has a capacity to generate radioactive fallout.

There is no greater boon than electricity. Its generation results in emissions that are harmful. Anything good has a bad side effect.

Man is not entitled to wish for perfect conditions in his imperfect life. All that he can aspire for is less of the negative side and more of the positive side.

Science discovered products that neutralise the bad effect. A product was made out of charcoal that cleanses impure water.

Throw a pinch of it in a tumbler of turbid water, the charcoal absorbs all the dirt in the water. Science ushered mankind into the age of comfort, convenience, and speed.

It made the impossible possible, the inconceivable real. t is heartening to see science discovering products to fight disease and vaccines to prevent disease.

The dread disease of malaria could be largely stifled by sprinkling kerosene on stagnant water, which prevents the breeding of mosquitoes. Science is knowledge.

Unfortunately, knowledge is double-edged. The machine gun that deals a mortal blow to the criminal is sometimes wielded by the criminal himself.

When an oil well leaked in Mexico, newspapers reported that a microbe was released into the polluted water which could eat the oil away.

This side of science does a greater service. Effective Microorganisms (EM), discovered by a Japanese professor, is a product that has no negative side effects.

It neutralise such side effects wherever it is. The inventor offers his technology free to manufacturers.

In its origin, the product is egoless, as the discoverer has not patented it. An egoless product is a wholly positive product.

Email is another such product, as it too was not patented. Someone has devised a software programme called Journey to Wild Divine.

It consists of a game with many parts totalling ten hours. It is a psychologically positive product, as it removes stress, depression, cures several diseases, creates peaceful inner status, which is the dream of many.

Software itself is a divine Miracle Mechanism. Most of the yogic practices that are immensely beneficial to the ordinary citizen can be written as programmes.

Software makes the machines think and largely replaces the mechanical parts of the brain. One day it can be a great Positive PRODUCT.

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