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Work and Reward

Saturday May 21 2005 13:30 IST

By Karmayogi

Frustration increases with increasing urbanisation and modernisation. Frustration is the direct result when the work does not yield results.

A further frustration arises when our success is not appreciated by our friends and particularly by our family members.

If loneliness is physical, frustration is psychological. Is there a cure for loneliness or frustration? To know that, we must know more about them.

Stephen Hawking is a world famous physicist. People talk of him as if he is the future Einstein. He is suffering from a strange disease that has robbed him of his mobility and speech, not his thinking.

He speaks through a computer which is specially designed to synthesize his voice. He has three children. His wife married him knowing full well his disabilities, and had three children by him.

It was no easy task to be a wife of such an invalid, especially when he is world famous.

The support she gave him physically is indescribable. It requires a big heart to put oneself through ordeals and be in attendance on him all his waking hours.

She did it for years and decades. After all these trials and tribulations, she began to feel frustrated because she did all the work and the credit came to him.

Fame came to his findings in physics. Hawking is the physicist. She was the loving wife who offered physical and moral support to him.

Her frustration arose from the fact that her work was not rewarded. She left him and now he has married his nurse. It is not rational to expect rewards for work not done by us.

Frustration comes by failure. For one who is SERIOUS, there is no failure that cannot be rectified by learning or training.

If one refuses to learn and meets with frustration, he cannot consider himself rational. Patient learning converts any failure into success.

There are people who expect results for talents they do not have. They too are frustrated. That is not known as frustration.

It is failure to learn. Frustration often arises out of comparing oneself with others whose talents are different and greater. That is not frustration.

It may be called jealousy. Of course that is not permissible. All work yields rewards. Those who pay attention to work receive appropriate rewards.

To expect rewards that are not ones due is not right. Work has a personality. It never fails to reward one who takes interest in it. It goes further.

When his attention is complete, the work returns to him more than his due.

In the lives of successful people, we often hear, I dont know anything. I simply worked. I did not know all these things were ever possible. What happened baffles me. I dont know where they have come from.

The Personality of Work rewards a sincere worker who offers unselfish toil to it, a reward that is beyond the scope of that work. It comes from its infinity, which is its spirituality.

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