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Rajiv Gandhi

Thursday April 28 2005 13:23 IST

By Karmayogi

When the Prime Ministership was gratefully waiting for him, Rajiv preferred to be a pilot. That is history. The argument needs no arguing.

Suppose he was not the son of Indira and he still had this endowment, who can prove any validity for this argument?

Indira Gandhi herself was a case like that. No one in India in 1964 or before conceived of the possibility of her becoming the Prime Minister. Before her, the case of Sastri too was exactly like that.

There was one more instance. It was that of Kamaraj. In 1964 five Chief Ministers came to him and asked him to be the Prime Minister. It was his own close colleagues from Madras who finally convinced him not to accept that offer.

There is a photo of the Mother taken in 1963 in the playground with Nehru, Sastri, Indira, and Kamaraj in a line, one after the other.

Its significance is understood when Sastri and Indira became the Prime Minister in succession. Mother gave it to them.

Two availed of it. The third chose otherwise. These are matters of faith. No proof can ever be offered in their support. Thousands of people have come to Mother. Who understands Her and in what measure we cannot know. The publication of the Agenda made me understand what I had never known for 20 years.

I am one who understands things only when I explain to others an issue. People never ask me a serious question about Mother or Sri Aurobindos philosophy.

Occasionally, when the conversation develops along a certain line, suddenly long past issues reveal ONE hidden significance. Then an understanding comes to me. I started writing in Amudhasurabi in 1980.

I wrote about His life and Hers. Then I was at a loss to write anything meaningful to the reader. It was in 1958 that I came to Her. I had a vague idea about Prosperity.

I wished to write that Mother was a source of prosperity and explain its philosophy along with an example. At that moment I wanted to say ones income would double. I was tempted to say it would rise ten times. It is that quest of writing that made me SEE that my own income had risen ten times in August 1958 when I saw Her in the Darsan of August 15, 1958. I wrote in Amudhasurabi for twenty years.

Writing these articles was an occasion for me to think of Her and Her ways in life. Today I know for certain every one of us is standing before the greatest spiritual BOON ever offered to Man on earth.

We are like Rajiv. Apart from stating it, I am unable to carry conviction to the reader, as I have no way of bringing convictions to him. Mother contains the universe. She is more than the universe.

Philosophically, one can clarify it to oneself, not to others. Yogically, one can experience the Truth of it, if his yoga is advanced enough. The Indians value Ravi Shankar or Mahesh Yogi when the Americans find value in them.

We do not have a valid scale of values. Devotees have had the Darsan of Mother in their dream. Some have seen Her with naked eyes in Her photographs.

Even those are not attracted to Her higher possibilities. SHE came to win our hearts. SHE left us. Is SHE installed in us?

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