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Subtle Infection

Monday June 6 2005 09:48 IST

By Karmayogi

Speaking on the birthday of Nehru in 1947, an eminent orator said Nehrus enthusiasm for socialism was infectious. Infectious enthusiasm is an original coinage of the speaker. We know of contagious diseases. But diseases communicate even without there being a personal contact. To an unthinking mind, it gives a surprise. Medicine explains those diseases are airborne or waterborne. We do not hear of subtle infection of diseases, but it is true. When your loved one is there a thousand miles away, you get infected by the same disease as he contracted. No studies are there for us to speak one way or the other. If you want to know the truth of it, a little recollection of your past with a certain precision will clarify and confirm the truth. I am writing here of the subtle infection of diseases, but I am interested in subtle dissemination of other things.

A devotee lost his job in 1962 and got it back. His closest friend lost his job in 1965 and got it back. What is surprising in both cases is the close similarity of the process. In the history of over 125 years of each of these institutions, these were the only cases of removal from service. Of course, this instance is a negative one, as it speaks of a loss. Luck is infectious, but not so easily. One publishes books with no premeditation and a good number too. Another who is distantly but powerfully related with him starts publishing books after his retirement and ends up having more than a dozen to his credit. Subtlety goes further. Similar people unknown to each other communicate what one of them receives. One man who has never dreamt of a substantial job gets a good one abroad. About five or six people exactly of his description follow him. Not all of them are directly or personally known to him. Subtle communication is a phenomenon known to spirituality in principle, not so much in practice.

Srinivasa Ramanujam was a unique phenomenon known to India and the world. Spirituality may not classify his category thus. He has not emerged out of a mathematical tradition. He just was there. Once the computer is in use, hundreds and thousands of further usages crop up. The first is not unique. It is a type. Indian soil is spiritual. Except where it is westernised with a vengeance, the spiritual light is there buried under poverty. Earlier the dark heavy crux of slavery was removed. It is not enough poverty changes into prosperity. The Indian should KNOW he has a spiritual treasure in him. When that awakening is there, Srinivasa Ramanujam will be a widespread phenomenon, not a unique isolated occurrence once in a few centuries. They will rise in tens and later in greater numbers and in quicker succession, as it is waiting above to pour down into our lives. The immediate necessity is to wipe out poverty and usher in prosperity in an abundant measure. Beyond that, it will be a marvel.

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