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Strength of Efficiency

Friday June 17 2005 08:21 IST

By Karmayogi

Efficiency is sought after in execution. To achieve more with less is efficiency. Participating in a wedding for the conduct of which three lakhs of rupees was spent by someone who wanted to be known as rich, one visitor explained to his friend how things were unorganised. Lack of organisation demands greater expenses. Planned execution, organised arrangements save Time. Time saved is money saved. He explained how the same work could have been done in two lakhs, which was self-evident to the listener. Efficiency comes from experience. Expertise raises efficiency. Doing simultaneously works that are done successively saves time, energy and money. Coordination is to see one thing in terms of another. In a function like a wedding, we hear from friends, Had you told me, it could have been done cheaper. We realise that we never thought of such a help. To be informed is to be efficient. To think of one work from the point of view of other works makes it efficient.

Quantum physicists are turning management consultants extending the theory of chaos to decision-making. The army is known for its efficiency. War brings out ones best. In a family, a crisis releases all the energy. There are occasions when a three-day work is done in one day, even half a day, as everyone evinces interest and offers cooperation. There is something that raises the efficiency of Efficiency. It is the power of Silence. What we know of efficiency and all its great aspects belong to the surface mind. It is governed by Time, Ego and thought. Our Mind has a depth. It is Timeless and Egoless. It is not governed by Thought, but is ruled by Silence. Achieving efficiency makes one tense. Acting in SILENCE makes us quiet, generating quiet efficiency.

One may wonder how to act silently? Achieve efficiency and raise its level. Suppose you are shifting your factory and the engineers, by their best efforts, have planned to do it in six months and some experts have saved two weeks out of it, you have a good occasion to practise SILENT WILL. The work is divided into six or ten categories. Each category subdivides into two or three parts. Each such part will split into forty or a hundred steps. If you are the CEO or the owner, go through each of these categories, parts and steps mentally. You will be surprised to see new ideas arising in the mind. Maybe five and a half months can still be reduced to five months. Do not speak out your thoughts. Be SILENT. The shifting will be done in four months. You can go further. Dont dwell on it in your mind. It will be inner silence. Every thought you have not expressed will be expressed by someone and get incorporated in the project. It is very powerful. Outer circumstances will be dramatically changed. The 5 months or 4 months will be reduced to four weeks. SILENCE is powerful. It achieves what cannot be achieved. It strengthens Efficiency.

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